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5 lingering (and silly) tech fees we shouldn't still be paying

Several charges and fees appear on bills for technology long after they should no longer apply. Here are some of the worst offenders; be aware.

Body-to-Body Networking: The Next Big Thing?

Analysis: By using wearable sensors, you personally might become part of a new mobile internet network.

Programmers Who Defined the Tech Industry: Where Are They Now?

Revisiting the software architects of the 1970s and 1980s for their perspective where the industry has been and is going.

17 Telecommuting Disadvantages

Despite all the benefits of working at home, telecommuting also has its disadvantages. Before you set up your home office, be aware of these 17 rotten bits about telecommuting--both its minor annoyances and the bigger telecommuting problems nobody likes to talk about.

Scripting Languages Your Developers Want to Use

Several up-and-coming scripting languages -- some open-source -- are gaining popularity among software developers. These dynamic programming languages deserve more attention for your enterprise software development, even if your shop is dedicated to Java or .NET. Here's why.

SOA Implementation Pays off for Synovus Financial

The winning solution in the case study contest sponsored by the SOA Consortium and CIO magazine provided integrated business solutions using existing applications and legacy systems. Learn how they did it.

Telecommuting Resource Guide

Need to get started on the business aspects of telecommuting, remote workers and flextime? Here are some of the best articles on the subject.

Google App Engine: Getting Data Out Ain't Simple. Yet.

Data checks in... but it won't check out! No, not really; data management is just more of a pain than you might expect. To use Google App Engine today, you need to use a Python API to export from its proprietary data store. But soon, Google says, the situation will get a lot easier.

Sharing Microsoft Office Files: A Quick Productivity Tip

Need to create a report or presentation with the input of several people? Don't e-mail that large file to all the participants. Microsoft Office makes it simple to share Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents over the corporate network.

Eight Quick Ways to Get Your Site Blacklisted

Effective online communication relies on your ability to reach customers. If your e-mail or newsletters are listed on a spam blacklist, the messages won't get through. Here are several common mistakes that put business communication at risk.

Open Source Leadership Lessons

Passion, smarts and what open source can learn about management.