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Evan lives in Brooklyn, NY and enjoys writing about what future may hold and taking long romantic walks on the beach.

Child with phone

Study: 1-in-10 UK 5-year-olds have mobile phones

Study finds that kids who can't read a clock yet have mobile phones now.

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MTV Video Music Awards: Where to stream and follow all the hot young talent

This collection of videos, information, and links will put you in the know on all the nominees and their illustrious bodies of work. Or just their bodies.

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IC on the record

Government turns to Tumblr and Twitter for new intelligence transparency drive

Not just for kittehs and Pr0n, government taps Tumblr for its Intelligence transparency site.

Football Tech

Why the NFL and YouTube would make such great teammates

According to reports, Google is talking to the National Football League about putting out-of-market games on YouTube. Evan Dashevsky thinks such a deal would make sense for the NFL, for Google, and for fans.

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Your snarky phone will have to wait: Moto X engraving put on hold, citing quality concerns

When the phone launches this Friday, consumers will not be able to use the engraving function.

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Verizon to finally get the HTC One on August 22

The price? $200 with a two-year contract.

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September 4 could be the time for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch

The event would coincide with a prescheduled event for the Galaxy Note 3 on the same date.

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Facebook Payments

Facebook readies roll-out of mobile payment system for e-commerce

Facebook's new mobile payment system may place it in direct competition with PayPal.

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Dr. Who, Google Maps

Explore the TARDIS via this amazing "Doctor Who" Google Maps easter egg

Ah, Google Developers, never get too busy to keep adding in things like this.

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung’s newest TV lets viewers watch different HD programs on the same screen

The sleek 55-inch screen uses 3D Active glasses to allow two viewers to watch two different signals simultaneously in HD. Both viewers can watch 3D programming at the same time.

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Dalai Lama

Hackers infect the Dalai Lama’s Chinese site with spyware

The Dalai Lama's Chinese language site has been hacked and infected with spyware.

Driverless Trucks

The first driverless cars will actually be a bunch of trucks

Don't let Google hype confuse you: The future of automated vehicles is all about moving cargo, not people.

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Elon Musk unveils details on Hyperloop and it’s basically what you expected

Elon Musk's much-hyped Hyperloop details are out, and it's what you expected: sub-sonic pneumatic tubes.

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Kim Dotcom's Mega vows to create useable encrypted email for the masses

Kim Dotcom's Mega organization vows to create a new encrypted email system that would include functionality such as email search.

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Obama will preserve 'valuable' NSA surveillance programs, promises transparency

President Obama announced reforms to the NSA surveillance programs: "We can and must be more transparent."

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