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Werner Herzog’s latest film is an anti texting-and-driving PSA

Acclaimed German director Werner Herzog teamed up with AT&T to create a gutpunch of a PSA about the consequences of texting while driving.

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IBM scientists create a freaky brain-like computer architecture

IBM researchers have announced a breakthrough software ecosystem to complement their neuron-like computer chips.

Don’t call it a phablet: Hands-on with LG’s new super-powerful G2 smartphone

With a 5.2-inch screen, the new LG G2 enters the ranks of big-screen Android smartphones.

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Redbox Instant comes to Roku

Same price as Netflix, but gets four DVD credits.

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Feedly Laptop

Feedly experiments with pay Pro accounts while maintaining free version

Feedly, the popular Google Reader replacement has introduced a pay Pro veriosn

Viral story of Google searches prompting a raid from the authorities is not exactly true

The authorities are probably not watching every Google search as they happen, but your data can still draw attention in other ways.

There really shouldn’t be an app for that: 13 apps that don't need to exist

These apps are such horrible fails, we must question whether we—as a species—are responsible enough to use mobile devices.

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The Guardian: NSA’s XKeyscore program has nearly limitless access to all Internet activity

Newly unveiled NSA program from Edward Snowden shows how authorities have access to nearly all Internet activity including emails, browsing history, and even Facebook chats.

Maya Art

Artist uses Xbox Kinect to create freaky 3D pixel sculpture of his daughter

This little girl looks just fine from across the room. Up close? Blech, something's not right there.

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Forget metadata, this tiny tooth-fitted sensor will record all your mouthdata

Researchers at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan have developed a tooth-sized sensor that can read everything you do with your teeth.

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Spotify gets its first all-comedy discovery app, and it has a boring unfunny name

The Official Comedy app on Spotify is the very first app for finding comedy content on Spotify.

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Why are Sony and Panasonic releasing 300GB optical discs in 2013?

This isn't as silly as you might think.

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Running Nose

That nifty 3D printer may be slowly poisoning you

It's only one study, but perhaps you should use your fancy new toy in a well ventilated environment.

New Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx phones

Verizon takes the wraps off a trio of Droid smartphones

Motorola's popular Droid family of phones has three new additions, highlighted by the Droid Maxx -- a 4G LTE phone powered by a battery promising 48 hours of use. On Tuesday, Verizon showed off two other Droids, the Ultra and Mini, which go on sale with the Maxx on August 20.

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Nexus 7 Leaks

More Nexus 7 pics leak out, because someone at Google can't keep secrets

And yet more Nexus 7 pics hit the Web in the run-up to Google's media event on Wednesday.

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