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Nvidia Shield finally set to ship July 31

It's available for preorder now, but Nvidia Shield is officially in "full production" and set to ship on July 31.

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Advocates call for a Netflix boycott amidst controversy about HTML5 video standards

Will the web titan's lobbying efforts to implement DRM in HTML5 video standards cause #CancelNetflix to be the next #DefeatSOPA?

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Thom Yorke

After slamming Spotify, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich back Soundhalo streaming service

The supergroup Atoms for Peace featuring members of Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers is backing live streaming service Soundhalo after pulling from Spotify.

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Emmy nominations for Netflix shows prove that great TV is no longer just on your TV

Arrested Development and House of Cards get the first nominations in major categories for online-only programming.

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Researchers create hands-free hack of Google Glass with QR codes

The dangers of a technology that is a little too good at recognizing things.

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Yahoo Wishlist

Get the Yahoo username of your dreams with new wishlist site

Yahoo is in the process of recycling unused usernames from decades past and opening them up to active users looking to get the username of their dreams.

Thom Yorke Spotify

Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich launch a "small meaningless rebellion" against Spotify

Artists should work to reinvent a broken system, not translate it.

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Sharknado is best film ever made according to Twitter, fails to translate into ratings gold

How could a film about sharks in tornados with a huge social media buzz not be a ratings boon? Because snark ≠ ratings.

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T-Mobile schools AT&T, Verizon on better phone upgrades with only a smattering of profanity

At a press event Wednesday, T-Mobile announced a new program that lets people upgrade their phones twice a year as well as further expansion of its LTE network.

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Pirate Bay co-founder developing un-spyable mobile messaging app

Keep Big Brother at bay with this surprisingly design-minded encrypted mobile app.

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Advertisers can pay AdBlock Plus to look the other way

Large companies like Google can pay the popular ad-blocking extension AdBlock to let their ads through.

Feedly Laptop

Google Reader is dead, but Feedly will help you love again

Google Readers is RIP on July 1, but after extended test runs with various Reader competitors we've found the perfect replacement in Feedly.

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The Samsung Galaxy NX

Hands-on with Samsung’s new line of Galaxy devices

Samsung gave the American press limited access to some of the new Galaxy devices debuting at their London event aimed at the global market.

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Yahoo tells security critics to chillax regarding its email recycling program

Yahoo's plan to recycle old unused email addresses has come under criticisms for potential use by identity thieves. Will Yahoo's security measures be up to the task?

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Feedly Cloud

All your RSS feeds are belong to Feedly Cloud

Feedly's new Feedly Cloud service has gone live and, according to the company, the service will transition it from a product into a platform.

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