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4kfaq primary

FAQ: What is 4K exactly, and do I have to buy a new TV now?

4K TVs were all the rage at this year's CES. Does that mean the TV you just bought is obsolete?

google chromecast

Motorola is giving away free Chromecasts with new off-contract Moto Xs

Spend $400 on a phone, get a $35 dongle for your TV.

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Google gets all up in developers' Glass about branding

Glass is always capitalized, never possessive, and never ever plural.

t mobile etf primary

T-Mobile will pay you to break up with your carrier

Up to $650 per line to cover your early termination fee and buy back your obsolete phone.

lifeband touch big edited 3

LG's Lifeband Touch is a flexible fitness tracker with a touch-sensitive display

A new minimalist fitness tracker that's not so minimal.

T-Mobile buys a bunch of unused Verizon spectrum around major cities

The multi-billion deal will help T-Mo build its LTE network around 26 major markets.


The empire strikes first: AT&T will pay T-Mo customers (just T-Mo customers) to switch

Was it because of all those mean tweets?

vibe z hero 06

Lenovo launches four new phones, one of which doesn't seem horrible

While the Vibe Z has some promising specs, it won't be available in the US anytime soon.

bestmobilegames primary

8 must-have mobile games for your new smartphone

With these games on your phone, you can easily ignore your obnoxious in-laws!

11 must-have apps for your new Windows Phone

Got a new Windows Phone for the holidays? These apps will start you off right.

T-Mobile's budget subsidiary is offering free Facebook access--without a data plan

GoSmart users will be able to access Facebook and Facebook messenger without any monthly data plan.

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holidays 2

And here's Google's inevitable Christmas-themed Easter egg: Karaoke carols on demand

This year's offering will turn your (non Windows Phone) smartphone into a seasonal karaoke machine!