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Google Glass 'wink' update blurs the line between tic and functionality

Glass gets a slew of new goodies in the latest update.

uk phone

AT&T expands speedy 4G roaming to the UK

International data promises to be the next big battleground for carriers.

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gradingcarriers primary

Grading the Big Four: How did your wireless carrier rate in 2013?

All the carriers had room for improvement, but one in particular (rhymes with "hint") has a long way to go to make the honor roll.

top phones of 2013

5 fab phones that rocked our socks in 2013

If you're looking to buy a new phone, these should be at the top of your list.

Spotify free

Spotify launches free on-demand listening on tablets, free playlist shuffles on phones

Spotify's free service is now available a la carte on tablets, with a shuffle function across playlists for smartphones

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moto g mini

2014 will be the year of the mini-me phone

Expect a tiny parade of mini and lite phones to make their debut this year.

LG Tablet

Google punts KitKat-flavored Nexus tablet to 2014

A flurry of leaks point the way to a new Google tablet, possibly the Nexus 8.

Verizon finally has something to show for the billions it spent on unused bandwidth

Verizon has managed to triple coverage in some metro areas where download speeds of 80 Mps have been recorded.

Tether on Android

How to turn your Android phone into a hotspot without rooting

Your carrier may frown on using your unlimited data as a hotspot, but there are a number of app-based ways to get your devices online.

AT&T tries to stave off T-Mobile, offers new no-contract service plans

AT&T's new Mobile Share Value plan shares more than a few similarities with T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans.

Google adds in-app search so you'll never need the web ever again

The humble web page's days may be numbered as Google opens search across mobile apps.

Let's compare Motorola's Cyber Monday about-face with Obama's on HealthCare.gov

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside offered an apology for the botched Moto X deal, which had a lot in common with Obama's speech regarding the borked health care site.

Moto maker

Motorola's $350 Moto X Cyber Monday deal crashed Moto Maker, healthcare.gov style

Motorola has a lot more interest in making the Moto brand happen than just phone sales.


Violent video games may stop crime by keeping criminals busy playing violent video games

Economist Steve Levitt posits a fascinating theory on why the crime rate has plummeted over the past two decades.

Google bakes photo goodies deep inside KitKat, but they won't make great pics just yet

Android Photographers may be hopeful for the new deep-integration of raw and burst mode in KitKat, but iOS and Windows still do it better.