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Christmas Surprise! Moto G will begin shipping to the U.S. next week

JK on that "not in the U.S. untill January" thing. Motorola is now accepting orders for a no-contract GSM version of the Moto G beginning at $180.

Thanksgiving Hell

Be thankful for all the apps that will make Thanksgiving less horrible

Travel headaches? Cooking anxieties? Keeping family dysfunctions in check? Thankfully there's an app for that.

Project Ara

Motorola teams up with 3D Systems to develop 3D-printed phones

The multi-year agreement would make 3D Systems the exclusive fulfillment partner for Motorola's ambitious open-source Project Ara.


Fingers-on: Snapkeys Q4 is a QWERTY keyboard with only 4 buttons

For mobile users who enjoy a bit of challenge in their lives.


Google kills Magazines and Currents so that Newsstand may live

The new app is Mountain View's attempt to make buying digital magazine subscriptions more of a thing than it is.

Motorola, HTC, and Google announce a bowlful of new KitKat upgrades

A bunch of new upgrade announcements come fast and furious.

Still no smartphone kill switch? Blame the carriers

Samsung emails reveal that the major US carriers vetoed plans to pre-package a kill switch on every phone.


A flurry of leaks hint at an upgraded 5-inch HTC One coming in early 2014

Leaked photos and leaked specs point to a beefed-up version of the HTC flagship coming down the line in early January.

Big screens are so 2012: Samsung is planning a phone with a three-sided display

Samsung is reportedly working on a Galaxy-branded phone with a display that curves around the edges for next year.

The 18 most cringe-adorable TV commercials from technology's awkward years

Yeah, these all happened. Without shame, embarrassment, or a hint of irony.

Why Motorola's low-cost Moto G can take over the world

If this phone is as capable as Googlerola claims, the Moto G may be the Model T of the global smartphone market.

I see London, I see France, I see 8GB and 16GB versions of a 4.5-inch Moto G smartphone

An accidental early listing on Amazon gives hints of more details for the forthcoming Moto G.


Customers on all major carriers now have the ability to pimp their Moto X

The Moto Maker site is now available to customers of all four major US carriers.


Google's barges will be floating art projects with giant fish fin sails

Newly unveiled documents show the barges will be more than mere floating boxy showcases.

How to edit GIFs without resorting to Photoshop

Here's our hands-on with EZgif.com, an easy, Web-based tool for people with zero graphics know-how.