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Samsung offers $600 of goodies with the $550 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

Mostly consists of trial subscriptions to various services. But, if you didn't have your heart set on the iPad Air, why not be bribed?

Bluetooth name tags

'So, that's why it's called Bluetooth!' and other surprising tech name origins

The hidden, and occasionally accidental, history of common tech brand names.


Verizon's new 7-inch budget tablet for users who don't need a supercharged mobile device

Verizon gets into the manufacturing game with a low-end tablet that will handle all the basics.


Real life Mob Wars: MafiaLeaks uses Tor anonymity to battle organized crime

A new site wants to use the power of anonymity to battle organized crime in southern Italy.


Amazon introduces Kindle First to offer books before they're released

Hey, book face! Only $2 for early access to one pre-selected title, free for Prime members.

PSA: The iPad Air is now on sale

Today's the day, the new full-size iPad is available online and at your local Apple store.

Google Nexus 5

Nexus 5 arrives with super-sized screen, boosted battery

We have all the details on the new Kit Kat-powered smartphone from Google.


FAA now allows gadgets during takeoff, landing, and everywhere in-between

Get ready to use your smartphone without fear—the FAA is reversing its rule about the use of electronic devices.

Pandora Chromecast

Radio on the TV: Pandora comes to Chromecast

Pandora brings one-touch streaming to Google's little TV dongle that could.

3D Scan Test

Every existing smartphone and tablet can now be a 3D scanner

Microsoft research team claims it has devised a way to turn 2D images into a 3D renderings in less than two minutes.

Careful, nerds: Wearing Google Glass while driving may get you a ticket

A California woman appears to be the first person to get cited for a driving violation for wearing the Internet on her face.

Project Ara

Motorola's Project Ara may make upgrading a phone's hardware as easy as downloading an app

This ambitious open source approach has the potential to crowdsource phones to greatness.

How to watch the NBA anywhere, on any device


A look at the (not so) many ways to catch the NBA on your computer, phone, or tablet this season.

LG G Flex

LG's curved G Flex phone solves a problem that nobody had

LG finally makes their curved phone official. Does anyone care their phone looks like a potato chip?