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Gasp! Comcast just made HBO available without a cable subscription

Finally, fans may be able to watch Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire without being forced to pay for the Game Show Network.

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Hands-on: Mozilla's Lightbeam is info porn for privacy geeks

A data-rich view of all the (sometimes invisible) third-party sites that are watching your digital footprint.

The Shining

Now screaming: 13 flicks for your All Hallows horror binge

These online Halloween goodies are so scary that they'll still be rattling around in your head long after the Great Pumpkin has disappeared for another year.

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Beavis and Butthead YouTube

No, YouTube, the world does not want to pay for music videos

YouTube is reportedly considering a pay service to watch music videos. Here's why they shouldn't do that.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear (11)

Galaxy Gear to finally play nice with Galaxy S4, SIII, Note 2, and other Samsung devices

Will the move help Gear become a viable part of the mobile market. (Hint: probably not.)


HTC enters smartwatch fray; my wrist remains unimpressed

There is nothing exciting about smartwatches. So, why all the hubbub?

Windows wearable

Microsoft reportedly sourcing components for its own smart eyeglasses

Microsoft is attempting to find its footing in the mobile space by embracing brave new form factors.

The cords are losing: Netflix overtaking HBO in paid U.S. subscribers

The momentum continues to shift away from the traditional cable model, as customers increasingly turn to streaming services like Netflix.

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Nokia Lumina 1120

A flurry of leaks all but confirms supersized Lumia 1520 Windows Phone coming soon

We'll surely have all the deets this time tomorrow.

volvo battery

Bye bye battery? Volvo demos rechargeable batteries embedded in a car's body

Traditional electric-car batteries that are bulky may soon be a thing of the past.


Don't spend $150 to bring Samsung's clunky smart TV experience to your set

Samsung's new $150 set-top device will turn any dumb TV smart, but there's a lot of better options out there.

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BitTorrent teams up with Vice to distribute original video content for hipsters

BitTorrent is shedding its bad reputation and working hard to become a content distribution platform.

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Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung's curved Galaxy Round phone reportedly won't be available to the rest of the world anytime soon

According to reports, the curved Round is a limited run only for the Korean market.

The Fifth Estate

Chill out, Julian, you come out looking pretty good in 'The Fifth Estate'

Despite Julian Assange's charges to the contrary, the new movie paints WikiLeaks (and its founder) in a flattering light.