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Event invite hints mammoth HTC One Max with fingerprint sensor is coming

The 5.9-inch Max will supposedly sport a fingerprint sensor. Has anyone thought to put a fingerprint sensor on a phone before?

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Banksy Dumbo

Banksy YouTube vid features Islamist rebels hunting down Dumbo the elephant

The new "Rebel rocket attack" vid is both disturbing and hilarious. Therefore, it's art.

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Nexus 5

Leaked Nexus 5 service manual dishes juicy spec details

(Mostly) nothing surprising to see here folks. Though there is that mysterious circle on the back...

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Spotify Landmark Nirvana

Spotify honors Nirvana with a horrible mess of a music documentary series

It's like a really terrible version of VH1 Behind the Music, but on Spotify.

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The Highlander

Google launches moonshot immortality project

Calico will be the company's engineer-driven attempt to "extend the human lifespan."

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Fall TV, Boardwalk Empire

The big bad-ass back episode binge viewing guide to fall TV

New seasons of some great TV are starting this fall. But you haven't even finished last season's shows! Time to binge. Here's how.

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Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear can handle some water, but don't take it snorkeling

Galaxy Gear scored an IP rating of 55 meaning it's resistant to most dust and water, but not quite as durable as the Galaxy S4 Active.

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Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is gone, but its death will probably be avenged by the Nexus 5

The Nexus 4 is no longer available on Google Play, but there's lots of evidence that the Nexus 5 will soon be with us.

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George Takei

Who's actually writing your favorite celebrity's tweets?

Inside the world of social media ghostwriters.

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Cassette tapes pop art

Celebrate the cassette tape's 50th birthday by repurposing them

The cassette tape turns 50 today. Here's ways to keep that box of old tapes in your mom's basement from going to waste.

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HTC One Gold Leak

Gold is the new black: leaked HTC One pics hint at new gold color

Leaked images show a new gold-colored smartphone from HTC.

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Aio Wireless

AT&T's contract-free Aio talk, text, data service now live nationwide

Aio is now available online nationwide, following a limited regional rollout.

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Massive hack compromises data of two million Vodafone Germany customers

The breach affects roughly 1-in-40 German citizens.

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Exploring Google Search's tenuous relationship with pirated content

Mountain View says it filters copyright-infringing content from its autocomplete function, but not all search filters are created equal.

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3G Tests

AT&T buys up $1.9 billion worth of unused bandwidth from Verizon

The purchase will be used for AT&T's 4G LTE deployment across 18 states.

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