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Vizio Co-Star LT

Vizio's new CoStar-LT box smarts up your dumb TV for only $80

Leaving Google TV in the dust, Vizio's new streaming box will bring the Web to any HDTV.

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internet afflictions

Eight new mental illnesses brought to you by the Internet

The Internet is driving you insane with all sorts of exciting new conditions now being recognized by the medical community.

New Snowden revelation: NSA collects millions of email and chat address books

What happens in email, doesn't stay there. But you knew that already.


Canada to politely force cable companies to unbundle

Canada will soon make cable and satellite companies offer channels a la carte. But at this point, will it really make a difference?

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LG G-Flex

LG's curved G-Flex phone takes a bow in leaked press renders

Following Samsung's lead, LG is starting bend its phones now too.

Google TV RIP

Google reportedly will kill Google TV so that Android TV may live

Google will reportedly transition away from Google TV and introduce the name Android TV.

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tomb raider

Study: Sexualized game avatars may cause self-objectification in real world women

A new study finds that women are significantly more likely to self-objectify after inhabiting a scantily clad female avatar.

T-Mobile to offer unlimited international data and texting at no extra cost

The only data-cap limit on usage will be that, in any three-month period, more than half of the data usage must be in the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Nice curves! Samsung introduces the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved screen

Samsung introduces a 5.7-inch curved phone for sale in Korea.


Event invite hints mammoth HTC One Max with fingerprint sensor is coming

The 5.9-inch Max will supposedly sport a fingerprint sensor. Has anyone thought to put a fingerprint sensor on a phone before?

Banksy Dumbo

Banksy YouTube vid features Islamist rebels hunting down Dumbo the elephant

The new "Rebel rocket attack" vid is both disturbing and hilarious. Therefore, it's art.

Nexus 5

Leaked Nexus 5 service manual dishes juicy spec details

(Mostly) nothing surprising to see here folks. Though there is that mysterious circle on the back...

High-tech outdoor gear to help you fight (and win!) against Mother Nature

Behold a slew of high-tech camping gear to keep your next excursion safely out of Donner Party territory.

Spotify Landmark Nirvana

Spotify honors Nirvana with a horrible mess of a music documentary series

It's like a really terrible version of VH1 Behind the Music, but on Spotify.

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The Highlander

Google launches moonshot immortality project

Calico will be the company's engineer-driven attempt to "extend the human lifespan."