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Florence is a technology journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She covers Android smartphones and tablets and its various forks. She's also written about a variety of other tech-related things for Ars Technica, Maximum PC, Mac|Life, PCGamer, PCWorld, and Nintendo Power.

samsungveinpanent 2

You're so vein: Samsung files a patent for a vein-scanning smartwatch

It's actually not that weird. Rather than using your fingerprint, this technology merely recognizes you by your vein structure.

nexus phones

Google may be ready to seize full control of Nexus devices

It's been nice having OEMs make its devices, but it looks like Google's ready to take back Android's destiny into its own hands—for real this time.

gs6 tips galaxy s6 primary

We've officially reached peak smartphone, but real innovation is still within reach

As the pace of hardware innovation slows to a crawl, manufacturers must turn to real-world problem-solving to get consumers excited again.

img 2884

UA Healthbox review: You don't have to be a serious athlete to start a fitness routine

That's the point of the Healthbox: It includes everything you need to reach your fitness goals for just $400.

jeff bezos amazon fire phone ap

Amazon is planning another go at making an Android smartphone

The company is reportedly chatting with its OEM friends about making a phone that more "deeply" integrates its apps and services into Google's open source operating system.

uaband 0562 8

UA Band review: HTC's first ever wearable is a fitness tracking device

But there's no need to discount it. The UA Band actually an impressive fitness gadget, made better by the accompanying app.

nextbit 0510

Nextbit apologizes for the delay on the CDMA variant of its Robin smartphone

Verizon and Sprint users, you’ll have to wait an extra two months for Nextbit’s cloud-based Android phone.

cardboard attenborough

Sir David Attenborough narrates Google’s latest virtual reality Expedition

Google’s education-focused virtual reality program is rapidly expanding worldwide, and now it includes two new places to explore.

Honor 5x

Honor 5X review: A great example of how to cut cost without cutting corners

Huawei's Millennial phone packs all the essentials: long battery life, capable camera, premium body, and lots of slots!

Android Pay

Win a free Chromecast or Google Play Store credit with Android Pay’s Tap 10 loyalty program

It’s free to enter! All you have to do is buy what you normally would with the Android Pay app.

google io slideshow 03

Google I/O 2016 will take place May 18-20 in Mountain View

Google's changing venues this year and keeping its annual developer's conference closer to home.

touchjet wave

Touchjet Wave turns your living room television set into a giant Android tablet

Forget a 10-inch tablet. This little device turns your TV into a 50-inch Android device.

homido vr

Homido turns just about any smartphone into a VR headset

Don't like Google Cardboard, or don't have the hardware for Gear VR? Here's another immersive alternative.

weboost eqo

WeBoost Eqo signal booster works in any home, for any carrier

Too many dead zones in your house? The Eqo can easily and instantly clear that right up for you.

modiface wedding dress studio app ces

Dress-on with Modiface's Wedding Dress Studio app

Modiface has a new app that lets you try on a wedding dress before you head out to the boutique.