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Florence is a technology journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She covers Android smartphones and tablets and its various forks. She's also written about a variety of other tech-related things for Ars Technica, Maximum PC, Mac|Life, PCGamer, PCWorld, and Nintendo Power.


6 things we already know about the LG G4

There are a ton of rumors out there, though only a fraction have a bit of truth to them.

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Google finally pulls the curtain off its Project Fi wireless service

Now you can pay Google for cell service, while the company routes you through T-Mobile and Sprint's 4G LTE networks.

huawei device usa zhiqiang xu fixed

Huawei president Zhiqiang Xu details plans to become a top three U.S. phone brand

Third place is a lofty goal, but Mr. Xu is confident that this year is the right time for Huawei to make its grand entrance into the U.S. smartphone market.

cyanogenmod new

Cue the outrage! Cyanogen fans react to the Microsoft deal

On Twitter and Google+, Cyanogen's users seem specifically worried about the possibility of bloatware.

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htcone themes

How to get started with Themes on your HTC One M9

HTC's powerful new application lets you easily skin your interface and make themes to share with others.

claude zellweger

Android Influencer: Claude Zellweger explains why HTC didn't take bigger risks with the One M9

Why does the One M9 look so much like the One M8? Why did HTC play it safe this year? The company's vice president of industrial design answers these questions and more.

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Report: Google is working on making Android Wear compatible with iOS

If it's true, iPhone users won't be stuck with the Apple Watch—they'll be able to pick from the wide selection of Android Wear devices, too.

gs6 vs m9 primary

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9: Which should you buy?

Two of 2015's top flagship phones go head to head. There can be only one winner!

Instagram's Android-first update adds two nifty new photo editing tools

Here's a good reason to brag to your iPhone-loving friends today: You've got the new Color and Fade filters and they don't!

galaxys6edge 8801

Galaxy S6 Edge review: Samsung's vanity phone

This is one of Samsung's most beautiful products, but it may not be worth the extra Benjamin it costs to bring home.

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Galaxy S6 review: Samsung's glorious return to greatness

It's hard to find much wrong with Samsung's new superphone.

gs6 benchmarkhead

Benchmarked: The Galaxy S6 is the fastest Android phone. Period.

Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge beat out their competitors in our head-to-head benchmarks.


Photos now available in Google Drive, making Google+ even less relevant

The full divorce of Google's social network seems to be coming any day now. Is this the beginning?

gs6 edge ui

TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 is no longer worth hating

You've complained about it for years, but Samsung's changed its tune—though it's still very blue.

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Tested: The Galaxy S6 is one of the best camera phones ever

We took the Samsung Galaxy S6 around San Francisco to see what kind of photos it takes. It almost beat out Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.