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Florence is a technology journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She primarily covers Android and its various forks. She's written about a variety of other tech-related things for Ars Technica, Maximum PC, Mac|Life, PCGamer, PCWorld, and Nintendo Power. She loves yoga and traveling, collects cameras and Russian dolls, and considers herself an amateur photographer and crafter.

motohint 3

Moto Hint review: Motorola is bringing sexy Bluetooth headsets back

It's small, it's good looking, and it works exceptionally well.

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Three apps that let you create and customize your own widgets

Widgets are Android's claim to fame, and you can get more creative with them than you think.


Samsung's new Milk Video app is for the bored millennial in you

It hasn't even been a year since the company launched its music streaming app, Milk Music, and now it's going full-fledged with a video streaming service, too.

droid primary 2

Droid Turbo review: Motorola's big red phone is almost unkillable

It's a shame this Quad HD-equipped, almost-stock device is only available for Verizon subscribers, because it has potential to be a big seller.


Three apps to make your Android phone's battery last longer

Don't let your smartphone or tablet die in the middle of the day. Use one of these three apps to keep your battery usage in check.


Google gets rid of dead weight, retiring Google Wallet payments for digital goods

The company quietly announced its killing Google Wallet transactions for digital goods.

messenger intro

Google's new Messenger app just adds more clutter to your Home screen

You don't need this app to send text messages. I'm actually struggling to understand who needs a separate SMS app when there's Hangouts.


Android Influencer: Cyanogen product evangelist Leigh Momii

Former HTC product manager Leigh Momii's played a big role in the Android sphere, and now she's tasked with getting the word out about the Android fork, CyanogenMod.

gcal intro

5 quick tips for getting started with the new Google Calendar app for Android

The newly designed Google Calendar is live in the Google Play Store. Here's a few tips for getting started.

motox lala

Motorola may have won the 'First to Lollipop' prize with the new Moto X

Motorola has already published a software update page to its site for Androud Lollipop—if it's okay, that means it's way ahead of Google's update to its own Nexus devices.

1 moto 360 two metalwatches 6712 1

Motorola announces a slew of new watchbands for the Moto 360, including lady-friendly options

The company also announced a new health app and new watch faces.

htcre 0393 review

HTC RE Camera review: Fun to use if you're obsessed with yourself

The RE Camera is great for taking “life” shots like selfies and landscape photos of the open road, but that about sums it up.

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galaxys5 13

Report: Samsung's Galaxy S6 might be the flagship you've been waiting for (but probably not)

It's referred to as "Project Zero" because Samsung is basically doing a do-over, but from the sound if it, the company is just up to its old tricks again.

nexus 9 wlp 1600

Deal alert: HTC offers the Nexus 9 for $199, a 50 percent discount the day after launch

This deal is good for today only as part of HTC's Hot Deals, which occur every Tuesday leading up to Black Friday.


Google Nexus 9 review: A powerful tablet made for everyone

The Nexus 9 may be geared towards developers, but its big screen, powerful 64-bit processor, and stereo sound are a joy for anyone willing to drop $400.