2011 in Review: Tech Luminaries We Lost

Some helped build an industry, while others helped save lives through technology. But all 13 of these tech pioneers shaped the future.

Sure the Cloud's Insecure; It's Like Everything Else

Worried about lousy cloud security? There's plenty of lousy security in other areas as well.

In Age of WikiLeaks, Even Santa Can't Keep Secrets

Santa decides what to give IT industry bigwigs, who were all over the naughty list this year.

Big Projects, Done Small

All the incentives in business push for ever-bigger IT projects, but it's the small projects that succeed.

The Cloud Issue You Really Can't Ignore

Reliability is a problem with cloud computing. But an even bigger issue is all those round trips between your apps and your data center.

'Perfect Citizen': Wrong, But the Best the NSA Can Do

Some are concerned that the NSA's 'Perfect Citizen' program could threaten our privacy, but the real issue is why the government should focus on rebuilding rotting network infrastructure.


The Hacker, the Con Man, the ATM -- and You

Not all cybercriminals are as incompetent as the guy who recently tried to hack an ATM in Texas. You can protect your company from more-capable crooks by changing your default passwords.