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Linux Foundation to offer introductory Linux MOOC on edX

The online learning platform is now including material from six nonacademic institutions to meet user demand

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Hiring managers advise job seekers to contribute to open-source projects

Joining an open-source community isn't required to land a development job, but it could help

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Survey: Tech workers seek larger salaries in 2014

As demand for IT talent grows and salaries rise, companies could struggle retaining tech workers

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EdX enrollment data shows online learners are more browsers than finishers

Most people who signed up for MOOCs offered by MIT and Harvard never looked over half of the course material

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Hot IT job skills in 2014: Mobile, web development and big data

Companies are also looking for workers with more traditional skills for security and quality assurance jobs

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Employers receptive to hiring IT job candidates with MOOC educations

Education alone won't result in a job offer. Employers want candidates who have used their tech skills

Panel: Hospitals are just starting to build health IT foundations

Hospitals discuss how to deliver better care at lower costs using technology.

With worker retirements looming, IT starts to prepare for a workforce exodus

IT workers who want to work part time may see an uptick in lucrative part-time consulting positions.

Tech-savvy college hires bring integration, communication challenges to IT workplaces

College graduates receiving their diplomas this year were teenagers when the first iPhone debuted and Facebook allowed anyone to create a profile. As this tech-saturated generation enters the IT workforce their familiarity with technology -- especially consumer products -- can lead to communication and work style clashes with more seasoned employees who may not share a passion for digital life.

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With revenue at stake, companies seek business-savvy tech workers

Financial concerns in the wake of the recession are causing companies to better align IT and business and this shift is changing what is expected from technology workers, say executives and staffing professionals. Business acumen is now on par with possessing stellar technical skills, with in-demand employees those who can contribute more than code to the company.

EA Files Copyright Suit Against Zynga Over 'The Sims Social'

Electronic Arts has sued Zynga, developer of the popular -Ville brand of social media games, alleging that the company violated EA copyright pertaining to its...

Survey: Drivers Like In-car Internet but Worry About Safety, Privacy

U.S. drivers seem to hold conflicting opinions on in-car Internet access, viewing the technology as a driving hazard and even a threat to privacy while praising...

Hospital Networks Take Key Role in Health Care as IT Makes Further Clincial Advances

The health care industry's increased use of electronic medical records (EMRs), wireless medical devices and personal mobile technology has turned hospital...

Salman Khan to MIT Grads: Innovators Will Foster Societal Change

Future scientists and technology professionals, not governments, will develop the innovations that most benefit society, online educator entrepreneur Sal Khan...

For Tech Staffers, Working Remotely Requires More Than Wi-Fi and a Desk

Web services, VoIP and other technology may have turned any place with an Internet connection into an office and decreased the importance of an IT professional's...