Geek Alert: Free Development Server Software XAMPP Helps Run Web Sites

Effortlessly install a development server running Apache, MySQL, and PHP with XAMPP for Windows.

Geek Alert: Administrate Databases Over the Web With phpMyAdmin

Manage MySQL databases with popular browser-based tool phpMyAdmin.

Web Developer Tool PhpDesigner Edits CSS, HTML, PHP, and More

Develop PHP Web applications in full-featured IDE phpDesigner.

Is Your PC Fast Enough? PCMark Vantage Basic Tells You

Benchmark your computer’s performance on everyday tasks with PCMark Vantage.

PCMark Vantage Basic

Benchmark your PC with this utility.

Manage Google Storage With Free CloudBerry Explorer

Manage Google Storage with a full-featured standalone client.


Receive periodic alerts about new Gmail messages with this freebie.

CloudBerry Explorer Frees You From Amazon S3's Clumsy Web Interface

Manage Amazon S3 storage with CloudBerry Lab's slick standalone client.

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

Manage Amazon S3 storage with a slick standalone client.

Spiffy Tells You When You've Got Gmail Messages

Receive periodic alerts about new Gmail messages with the free Spiffy software.

InfoTag Magic

Displays ID3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis infotags and other file information in a tooltip

Tag&Rename Organizes Your Tunes--Trouble-Free

Clean up your music library with Tag&Rename's automated tagging.


Clean up your music library with automated tagging.

Fluxee Files Your Downloads Into Folders For You

Organize media by using rules to sort files with Fluxee.

Minime Minimizes Windows to Clear Desktop Clutter

Hide unnecessary windows by minimizing them to the system tray with Minime.