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InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman analyzes the latest issues in mobile technology, the changing role of IT, and the consumerization of IT phenomenon. Galen is author of iPad at Work For Dummies, MacBook Pro Portable Genius, and iBooks Author For Dummies, as well as lead author of Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies.

How to Succeed in Tech in a Downturn

The technology jobs market overall is still doing better than the market for other types of jobs -- but you still need a plan.

Five Possible Paths for Microsoft

Bill Gates has retired, and Windows is at a crossroads. InfoWorld sketches out five paths the software giant may take.


OS Showdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows

Windows' market share has dropped below 90 percent; should you join those who've switched to Mac OS X or Linux?


For Windows, 2008 Was a Roller Coaster

The successor to XP crashed and burned. But as Windows 7 nears, Microsoft has made Vista less bad.


iPhone Update Leaves the Enterprise Behind

The iPhone is great, but not as great as it needs to be with the BlackBerry Storm now here.

Is Our Internet Future in Danger?

The digital Disneyland of the future -- where we freely work and play online -- may be at risk.

If Windows Is a Dead End, What's Next?

Windows 7 looks like lipstick on the Vista pig. Maybe it's time to contemplate the PC after Windows.

InDesign CS4

The newest version of InDesign CS4 would be welcome on any layout designer's desktop. But it may not be worth the price of an...

First Look: InDesign CS4

The newest version of InDesign, expected to ship in October, is a nice update, but not an essential one. Much of what's new in...

Is Web 2.0 Already on Its Way Out?

Analysis: Demo Fall 2008 gives indications that its social networking and ubiquitous connectivity business assumptions are wrong.

QuarkXPress 8

QuarkXPress 8 is a brave release. It marks a major change to the user interface of the venerable page-layout and design...