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InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman analyzes the latest issues in mobile technology, the changing role of IT, and the consumerization of IT phenomenon. Galen is author of "iPad at Work for Dummies," "MacBook Pro Portable Genius," and "iBooks Author for Dummies," as well as lead author of "Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies."

Why Do Android Tablets Tank, While Android Smartphones Surge?

The iPad, for all its merits, may not be Android tablets' real competition


Users Rule in Smartphone Picks, but IT Has a Big Hand in Tablets

Analysis: An enterprise survey shows iOS rules but not for long, and IT expresses interest in WebOS

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: A Work in Progress

Analysis: The BlackBerry-tethered tablet can't do very much, and its tethering requirement means few users can actually use it


Why Google's Tighter Control Over Android Is a Good Thing

Limiting availability of Android 3.0 code and apparent tightening of Android smartphone standards means that Google finally gets it about the platform.

The Best Sites for Apple iPhone Rumors

Most rumor sites seem to make up stuff, but a few have a good track record if you're looking for a hint of what is to come

Windows Tablets: Be Careful What You Wish For

A Forrester study says people are buying Apple iPads but would much rather have a Windows tablet.

5 Simple Rules For Creating Mobile-Savvy Websites

It's not hard to give smartphone and tablet users compelling access to your sites. Here's how to get started.

Can the Atrix 4G Really Become Your Next PC?

You can run the full desktop Firefox on your TV or monitor, but Motorola's dockable smartphone is only a half-step into the mobile/PC convergence future.

Mobile Deathmatch: Motorola Atrix 4G vs. Apple iPhone 4

Motorola's versatile new Android smartphone outshines the iPhone in some ways, but falls short overall

Why Do Only iPad Owners Get Usable Apps?

Companies are delivering truly easy-to-use apps for iPads and iPhone, but not for the desktop


Despite Stumbles, Xoom Closes in on the iPad

The first Android 3.0 tablet, from Motorola Mobility, supports business email and shows signs of a real challenge to Apple

How HP Could Create the WebOS PC

Creating PCs that run Windows and WebOS is a tricky affair, but here's how it could be made to work

Apple's Subscriptions Service Upsets the Cart

Analysis: The 30 percent cut on digital content sold through iTunes is freaking out some publishers and media developers, but it may ultimately be a healthy move.


Windows Phone Reloaded: Can We Trust Ballmer's Promises?

Microsoft promises multitasking, HTML5, and more for its underperforming mobile OS

HP TouchPad and Pre: New Products, Not New Ideas

HP lays out its strategy to compete with iPhone, iPad, and Android -- a risky effort based on a largely unchanged WebOS