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InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman analyzes the latest issues in mobile technology, the changing role of IT, and the consumerization of IT phenomenon. Galen is author of iPad at Work For Dummies, MacBook Pro Portable Genius, and iBooks Author For Dummies, as well as lead author of Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies.

RIM PlayBook: One Device, Two Faces

The tablet works very differently as a BlackBerry companion than it does as a stand-alone device.

What Does AT&T Do When Verizon Starts Selling iPhones?

Analysis: AT&T is working to repair its reputation for poor quality and deal with the loss of its iPhone exclusivity.


FAQ: What You Need to Know About the Verizon IPhone 4

After years of rumors, there finally really is a version of the iPhone that runs on Verizon Wireless's network.

Key Mobile Trends of CES 2011

Analysis: Motorola's post-PC play, the 4G era starts to arrive, and the new generation of Android is about to be born.


Where Mobile Technology is Heading, From 2011 to 2020

The iPad and iPhone are just the beginning of the mobile revolution under way. Here's what to expect in the coming decade.


The Straight Talk on IT's New Directions

New expectations and a new economic landscape point to a new role for IT in 2011. Here's how to avoid getting left behind.

An iPhone App for Every Business Need: Slideshow

An iPhone can do a lot more than play music and surf the Web. Here are the apps that serious iPhoners should know about.


The Right Office Apps for the iPhone at Work

If your company allows employees to use an iPhone, here are the productivity apps that you should install on the mobile devices.

Android, iPhone Users Outpace BlackBerry, Symbian Users in Data Usage

iPad users don't use more data than smartphone users, whereas BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian users focus on voice communications.


Silly iPhone and iPad Rumors

More unfounded speculation about the popular Apple mobile devices makes the rounds in the blogosphere.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Makes a Strong Case for Buying an IPad

A few nice capabilities don't overcome an ill-conceived 'tweener' tablet with an ill-fitting Android OS


The Right Office Apps For the iPad at Work

If you provide or allow employees an iPad, here are the productivity apps that you should install on the tablets.

iPad 2: Which Rumors are Realistic?

Every small-time blogger and analyst seems to know what new features the next iPad will offer, but most seem to be making it up.


Geek Gadget Gift Guide

Here are our picks for the 11 top technotoys to ensure holiday merrymaking for the special geek in your life.

How the Cloud is Failing Mobile Workers

Smartphones and iPads are made for use in the cloud, but the business cloud apps are unusable for mobile workers.