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InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman analyzes the latest issues in mobile technology, the changing role of IT, and the consumerization of IT phenomenon. Galen is author of iPad at Work For Dummies, MacBook Pro Portable Genius, and iBooks Author For Dummies, as well as lead author of Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies.

Secret Life of the Mobile User

The truth about mobile use trends is that habits have been changing for some time.


Windows Phone 7's SD Card Problem: Not Microsoft's Fault

Device makers are to blame for adding removable storage to an OS that was not designed to support it


IPad's Business Use Soars as HP Backpedals on Slate's Fit

Financial services, health care among the top adopters as employees eye iPads as laptop replacements

7 Crazy iPad Accessories

Here's a selection of the weird and wonderful -- or mostly just weird -- add-ons for Apple's tablet.

Windows Phone 7: Why It's a Disaster for Microsoft

Microsoft's beta was full of shocking omissions, and what shipped is even worse -- but there's a glimmer of hope


Windows Phone 7: Microsoft's Disaster

Analysis: Why the omissions in Microsoft's last-to-the-stage phone is bad news for the company, and the remaining glimmer of hope.

Windows Phone 7 vs. Apple iPhone 4: Mobile Deathmatch

Microsoft has a very slick device, but it can't do nearly as much as the iPhone -- especially in business.


Microsoft and Nokia: A Tale of Two Elephants

Nokia reabsorbs Symbian, and Microsoft ships Windows Phone 7 -- to big yawns. How they became the mobile industry's elephants in the room.


Windows Phone 7 to Have Limited Mac Sync Capability

Microsoft promises a public beta version by the end of the year

WiMax: Goodbye and Good Riddance

Analysis: With Sprint pulling out of its Clearwire partnership over WiMax, there's now a chance for a unified 4G technology rollout in the U.S.

Limited 3G Bandwidth is Good for Mobile Apps

Tiered 3G pricing means application developers can't consume endless bandwidth and must start writing smarter, more efficient code.


Smartphones Are Safer than PCs — for Now

There's a reason there's no major antivirus software for iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Androids -- but other risks could emerge.


Apple to Add Wireless Printing in iOS 4.2

For businesses and IT, Apple's fixing some iPhone bugs this month, but the bigger iPad upgrade is due in November

Apple iPad Invades the Business World

A new survey shows business use is a major reason that employees are getting iPads--it's not just for videos and surfing.

How Apple's iPad Fits into the Office

In some cases, you can get rid of your laptop -- but only after figuring out app, data-access, keyboard, display, and power issues.