GTA IV Due on PC in November

Rockstar Games announced the scheduled release of the PC version of the popular Grand Theft Auto IV.

Nintendo Considers Holographic Storage

Users are clamoring for more storage, and Nintendo is apparently considering advanced technology to provide it.

Free Xbox 360 Multiplayer Access Probably Temporary

Microsoft is allowing free online multiplayer as a promotion, but charges are expected to return with the system refresh.

Nintendo Promises a Wii Bit More Storage

Nintendo is planning a long-term storage solution for Wii, but it's not saying when.

Guitar Hero Gets Jimi Hendrix

Activision's Guitar Hero: World Tour will feature the legendary rocker.


Sony Has No Plans to Cut PlayStation 3 Price

Although Microsoft is dropping the price of the Xbox 360 this weekend, Sony says it has no plans to follow suit.

Game Sales Beat DVDs, Box Office in 2007

NPD reports the U.S. retail gaming industry had twice the take of movie tickets and even more than DVD sales.

Brace Yourself: Game Demand is Growing

Console sales have only hit the top tier of the market, leaving plenty of room for growth, analyst says.

Upcoming Games Boost Wii

The Nintendo Wii is starting to enjoy some attention from developers who are writing to its strengths.

Sources: Xbox 360 Blu-Ray SKU Ships in Late 2008

Multiple news outlets report that drive manufacturer Lite-On will begin shipping Xbox 360 Blu-Ray BD-ROM drives for Xbox 360 consoles in the second half of 2008.