George V. HulmeCSO

7 essentials for curbing DDoS attacks

Many companies are finding themselves under attack for the first time, and their security chiefs need answers if they're going to fight back.

Mobile Device Management: Part of the Mobile Security Solution?

The good news for enterprises: Mobile devices are packed with power. A new iPhone is 100 times lighter, 100 times faster, and 10 times less expensive than the luggable notebooks of the early 1980s.

Be Prepared For When the Cloud Really Fails

Everything works well in the cloud, until it doesn't.

Clamor for Cloud Apps Increases Corporate Data Breach Risk

Vendor analysis of network and application traffic shows poorly managed remote access tools and traffic flowing outside port 80 are rampant.

Mobile Security Threats Are Heating Up

Criminals, security researchers, vendors and even investors are now taking mobile security more seriously.

Senator to Businesses: Protect Data or Pay

Senator Richard Blumenthal says his data breach legislation will deter data breaches. IT security experts have their doubts.

Microsoft Hunts Bugs with Variation on Bounty

The new BlueHat Prize rewards -- with big bucks -- fixing entire classes of flaws instead of one-at-a-time finds.

To be Breached is Human (But Still a Nuisance)

Recent surveys hint at why it is so hard to protect networks and IT systems from attack: Our IT systems are designed, built, managed and used by us.

Independent Lab Tests Find Firewalls Fall Down on the Job

If businesses can't trust the technology they buy to protect their infrastructure, what can they trust?

Malvertising Continues to Pound Legitimate Web Sites

Malicious attacks from online advertising networks are growing faster, stealthier.

Apple Gets Quietly Serious About Security

Recent steps taken by Apple show a concerted effort by Apple to strengthen the security of its Macintosh computing platform.

If Stuxnet Was Act of Cyberwar, Is US Ready for a Response?

The complex Stuxnet worm proved attacks on SCADA and other industrial control systems were possible. Are we ready if one comes our way?

Online Attacks Spreading Faster, Wider, Researcher Says

With attackers focusing on social media and online services, expect far-reaching flash attacks.