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The Top-Performing Android Phones: Benchmark Blitz

We put six Android phones through our suite of benchmark tests to see which ones had the best CPU, graphics, and browser performance.

Fit Tech: Fitbit Ultra

More than just a pedometer, the Fitbit tracks your mileage, calories, and the number of stairs you've climbed along with a host of other features to get you in shape.

Deal of the day overload: Take control of your inbox

These tools will help you get rid of daily deal inbox clutter forever.

Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile Review: Different, but Not for Everyone

Not much has changed with the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile, but it ships with Ice Cream Sandwich and is slightly less expensive than the AT&T version.

Kickstarter Spotlight: iPhone camera kit, heart rate monitor, and iPhone keyboard

A regular roundup of kickstarter projects.

Qualcomm's Quad Snapdragon S4 Pro Tablet Now Available to Developers

The BSquare-made tablet serves as a Mobile Development Platform for Qualcomm's new quad-core processor.

Motorola Atrix HD Review: Dazzling Display, Low Price

Considering this phone's big, bright display and fast processor, it is hard to believe that the Motorola Atrix HD is only $100.

Scouting Report: Motorola Atrix HD

The Atrix HD is the first phone from Motorola under the Google acquisition.

T-Mobile Launches Two New myTouch Phones from Huawei

T-Mobile's latest myTouch phones are inexpensive, but don't have the most cutting-edge specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note gets Android 4.0 and new features

At long last, the Galaxy Note will receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update along with some new features in the S Memo app.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: Now With Android 4.0

Update: The Galaxy Note will get Android 4.0 with some new additions to the S Note app.

LG Optimus 4X HD: A Quad-Core Android Phone

The LG Optimus 4X HD is a very powerful phone, but the software and camera are lacking.

Jitterbug Plus Cell Phone Review: Simple Design, Lifesaving Technology

The Jitterbug Plus has a slimmer, sleeker design and built-in photo-sharing capabilities.

BlackBerry 10 delay is bad news for RIM

A long delay for BlackBerry 10 and big layoffs spell bad news for RIM. Ginny Mies sounds off on the stunning downturn of RIM as laid out in its quarterly report.

Google Docs offline: A getting started guide

Editing documents in Google Docs no longer requires an Internet connection. Here’s how to get up and running in offline mode.