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HTC Vivid Review: Gorgeous Display, Fast Data Speeds

With its large and lovely display and fast LTE speeds, the HTC Vivid is an excellent phone for watching movies or playing games—but watch that battery.

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Gets Honeycomb at Last

HTC EVO View 4G owners get a bonus holiday gift today in the form of an Android 3.2 Honeycomb update.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review: Sleek and Speedy

The Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, attractive design, fast performance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update to Android.

Galaxy Nexus for Verizon: First Impressions

After only a few hours of using the Galaxy Nexus, I’m already impressed with its performance, its design, and the overall Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Quad-Core Phones: What to Expect in 2012

Revolutionary a year ago, dual-core mobile processors are now standard; next, chipmakers say, quad-core processors will support mobile multitasking comparable to the performance of a desktop computer.

WebOS Lives On! HP's Mobile OS Now Open Source

HP breathes new life into the mobile platform that could by opening it up to developers and hardware manufacturers.

Samsung Focus S: A Standout Windows Phone

The Samsung Focus S is the best Windows Phone available with smooth performance, a great camera and a gorgeous display.

Pantech Pocket Review: Unique, Wallet-Friendly Phone

If you're looking for an inexpensive Android phone with a few special features thrown in, the Pantech Pocket is ideal.

A First Look at Spotify's New Music Apps

Rolling Stone,, Pitchfork and others are launching HTML5 apps with the streaming music service.

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