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Glenn Fleishman is the author of A Practical Guide to Networking and Security in iOS 8, and a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns. He is also a regular contributor to the Economist, Fast Company, and Boing Boing.

toy camera

Cameramakers missed the Wi-Fi bandwagon on the road to obsolescence

The companies that make standalone cameras thought quality would win over sharing.

Browser engine forking isn't the end of the world

Announcements from browser makers last week may recall the bad old days of browser incompatibility, but this isn't IE6 all over again.

Keep your data safe when you travel for the holidays

Hitting the road this holiday season? Before you do, follow these steps to make sure you don't find a data disaster if your computer falls prey to nature, theft, or bad luck while you're out and about.

TechHive: How Google Drive's Terms of Service Measure Up

Has the search giant given enough thought to privacy concerns related to its new cloud storage service?

New Dropbox Learns to Show and Share

Dropbox updated its app software on Monday to allow any file or folder stored in a user's sync folder to be shared with other people.

What LTE means for Apple's new iPad

The cellular versions of the next iPad will arrive next week with support for Long Term Evolution, the latest and greatest networking technology. Glenn Fleishman explains what tablet users can expect from LTE. Spoiler alert: It's fast.

Best Online Storage Services For Small Businesses

These five services let you sync and share files with co-workers, collaborators, and clients. But which one is the best value?


Like some of its other competitors, SugarSync doesn't sync just one default folder among different computers. Instead, it lets you specify any of the folders on your various computers to be synced to the cloud.


Clearwire ISpot

The Clear iSpot panders to iOS device owners. The tiny, battery-powered cellular router connects any iOS device--iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch--via Wi-Fi to...

VNC: the Universal Remote Control

Most of the tools that enable you to remotely control a Mac are vendor-specific: To use them, you need to have matched software components--from Apple or some...

Five Ways to Access a Remote Mac

According to a recent study, two-thirds of the U.S. households that own Macs have more than one computer. Nearly three quarters of those households have laptops...

Automate Daily Chores With AppleScript

I had a moment of self-doubt the other morning: am I man or automaton? The question came up when I fired up my office computer and started manually launching one...

BearExtender N3

The BearExtender n3 Wi-Fi adapter has one purpose: To extend the range of your computer's built-in Wi-Fi radio, allowing you to send and receive wireless signals...

Use Timed Access to Lock out IDevices From Wi-Fi

Worried that your teen or tween is spending all night wired to his or her iPod touch or iPad? While Mac OS X has timed access controls that let you specify...