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Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including mostly recently Take Control of Slack Basics, a book on mastering and becoming efficient in Slack. He's a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns and hosts the Macworld podcast, and contributes regularly to many periodicals.

Travel tips: Keeping your gear secure on the road

Traveling with loads of expensive gear? Learn what you can do to protect your technology from thieves and how to track it down if it goes missing.

Keep your data safe when you travel for the holidays

Hitting the road this holiday season? Before you do, follow these steps to make sure you don't find a data disaster if your computer falls prey to nature, theft, or bad luck while you're out and about.

Three-Minute Tech: LTE

What's the deal with LTE, anyway? Glenn Fleishman explains the ins and outs of the Long Term Evolution mobile broadband standard.

Photosynth for iPhone

Entering life as a photographic experiment, Photosynth has evolved into a fabulous panorama maker.

How to control the keys to your cloud storage castle

Take control of your own data on cloud storage services. Here's how.

What Comcast caps could mean for your surfing and streaming

Comcast is dropping its 250GB monthly limit on broadband for now, with plans to replace it with a higher cap. Glenn Fleishman looks at what no limits will mean for Comcast subscribers now and how they may have to change their behavior when the cap returns.

TechHive: How Google Drive's Terms of Service Measure Up

Has the search giant given enough thought to privacy concerns related to its new cloud storage service?

How Google Drive's terms of service measure up

Glenn Fleishman isn't afraid of the big, bad Google Drive. But he thinks Google erred in not tightening its policies to match those of other cloud-based storage services.

Hands on with Dropbox's new sharing features

Dropbox rolled out some new features this week. Glenn Fleishman shows you what's new with the file-sharing service.

Replace iDisk with your own net disk

The end is near for MobileMe, so what can you do to replace iDisk? One solution is to create your own net disk.

New Dropbox Learns to Show and Share

Dropbox updated its app software on Monday to allow any file or folder stored in a user's sync folder to be shared with other people.

What LTE means for Apple's new iPad

The cellular versions of the next iPad will arrive next week with support for Long Term Evolution, the latest and greatest networking technology. Glenn Fleishman explains what tablet users can expect from LTE. Spoiler alert: It's fast.

Waze for iPhone and iPad

Waze is a free navigation app for iOS that uses data from users to build its maps.

Textastic Code Editor for iPad

When you use this iPad-based text and code editor, you may actually forget you're working on a tablet. Textastic may lack the scope of a desktop programming tool, but it makes the best of the space it has, along with great nuance that coders will appreciate.

AirPort Utility for iPhone and iPad

AirPort Utility for iOS is the perfect tool for configuring and troubleshooting Appleā€™s gear without having to lug a laptop around.