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Glenn Fleishman is the owner and editor of The Magazine, a fortnightly periodical of stories for curious people with a technical bent. He is a regular contributor to the Economist and a senior contributor to Macworld.

Troubleshoot Your DNS

You use the domain name system (DNS) every time you try to connect your computer to an Internet resource--a Web page, say, or an FTP directory. DNS matches...


User-Generated Maps? Game On!

Crowdsourcing has become a common method of trying to extract the wisdom of many people who know something, with mixed results emerging, such as Wikipedia. Waze...


TomTom IPhone Car Kit

The TomTom Car Kit is an external GPS receiver built into the form factor of a windshield-mountable iPhone or iPod touch dock. The dock connection allows...


Nine iPhone GPS Navigation Apps Compared

These apps come packed with maps. Which one should be your destination?

ShareTool Extends Bonjour Over the 'net

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to access data and media hosted on a machine that I'm not near--I use Dropbox, LogMeIn, Timbuktu Pro, and...

What Mac Users Need to Know About Wi-Fi Direct

It's that time of year when travelers brace themselves to suffer the many small indignities of the road. Why can't it be easier to print on networks that you...

Six Ways to Get Online From Anywhere

We're all so accustomed to having Internet access in so many places--at home, at the office, at airports, at coffee shops--that it can be infuriating to travel...

Four Ways to Access Files From Afar

Many of us now find ourselves working from multiple locations. We sometimes trot around with a laptop, sometimes use different computers in each location and...

Online Backup Services

5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything

3D TV, HTML5, video over Wi-Fi, superfast USB, and mobile "augmented reality" will emerge as breakthrough technologies in the next few years. Here's a preview of what they do and how they work.


Blowing Past Comcast's Bandwidth Cap

In all the heady excitement of backing up all my computers over the Internet after writing my comprehensive review of online backup services for Macworld, I...

Wake on Demand Lets Snow Leopard Sleep With One Eye Open

To conserve power and reduce your electrical bill, you should shut down your computer or put it to sleep when not in use. But that's easier said than done if...


Is Your Network Fast Enough?

Everyone wants a faster network. But before you can do anything to speed up yours, you must ascertain how fast it's currently going. Yet measuring network speed...

Cut Your Phone Bill

A phone line is indispensable, but its costs can sometimes seem intolerable. There are two easy ways to save money on your calls:

IPhone 3GS Limited to 384 Kbps Upstream

When the iPhone 3GS arrived last month, I explained the ins and outs of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), the rubric that covers AT&T's two highest-speed...