Google Unveils 4.0 Beta of Chrome Browser

Chrome adds Synched bookmarks, although Firefox users have had that function for years.

Taking Bing for a Spin — on a 7-Day Test Drive

Analysis: Bing says, 'Search me' ... so I will, for a week. I vow to spend a week with Bing — will you join me?

Share Features Come to iGoogle, Google Reader

Analysis: Google pushes social in Reader, iGoogle, but will this work better than Jaiku?

Search Site Box: Yet Another Reason to Love Google

Analysis: In the race with Bing, Google is bringing more of its tricks and techniques front and center.

Google Patches Browser, But Assures Security of Its OS

Analysis: Google execs promise that Chrome OS will be mind-bogglingly secure -- one day after patching the Chrome browser.

Apple Board May Finally Be Free of Google CEO

Analysis: Now that Google will be building a PC OS, Reuters reports that Eric Schmidt is considering recusing himself.

Google Voice Gets Boost from Enterprise Virtual PBX Maker

Analysis: Google Voice is getting buzz in the consumer space, but it may find fans in the enterprise.

Hot off the Rumor Mill: Mobile Firefox for Android

Analysis: With Google's new Android SDK, Mozilla is considering building Fennec for Android.


Is Google Getting Into Micro-Blogging?

Rumored new Google search engine could take on Twitter.

Twitter Founder: The Show Must Go on — Not

Biz Stone ends speculation that Twitter had its own TV show in the works.

Sneak a Peek at the Next Version of Android

Android 1.5 will allow new features such as soft keyboards, home screen widgets, and speech recognition.

Even Google's Cutting Back

Google has put a lid on spending and significantly slowed its purchasing.

Obama Googlebomb Is History

Switching Bush to Obama is a "miserable failure."

Gmail Fills the Bill for Obama Staff

When first entering the White House, Obama's staff lacked e-mail. So, the administration issued its staffers Google Gmail accounts to bridge the gap.

What 2009 May Bring for All Things Google

Google Subnet's Top 5 predictions for the coming year.