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Adobe Flash exploit targets security, public policy sites

The attackers appear to be gathering broad intelligence about visitors to three websites, FireEye says

Julius Genachowski FCC

FCC chairman Genachowski announces his resignation

U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced Friday he will soon step down, following months of rumors that he would resign early this year.

Google Says It Will Cooperate With Any Safari Privacy Investigations

Google will cooperate with any investigations into allegations that it bypassed privacy settings in Apple's Safari browser, the company said, after a news report...

Google: New Privacy Policy to Have Little Impact on Enterprise

Google's plan to share user data across its online services will have little effect on users of the company's enterprise, government and education application...

US Lawmakers Push for Huawei Investigation

The U.S. Department of State should investigate Huawei Technologies' reported sale of mobile phone tracking equipment to an Iranian mobile operator and consider...

AT&T, DOJ File Motion to Halt T-Mobile Proceedings

AT&T has asked a judge to put on hold the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit to block its merger with T-Mobile USA while the two companies decide whether to move forward with the deal.

US Agencies Seize 150 Sites Accused of Selling Counterfeit Goods

The Justice Department and Customs agents have seized the domain names of 150 websites accused of selling counterfeit products.


Cyberattacks Can Justify Armed Response, Pentagon Says

Physical attacks can be a legitimate response to some cyberattacks, the DOD says.

Is Your Domain Safe From Seizure for Copyright Infringement?

A group questions the government's process for shutdowns, but corporate sites are likely protected under safe-harbor provisions.

Does Obama Really Have an Internet Kill Switch?

Cybersecurity may be top of mind for Congress this year, but the whole 'kill switch' thing is overblown.

Five Arrested in Scam Involving Theft via Botnet

Operation Trident Breach is part of an ongoing effort to take down a criminal empire that stole $70 million from victims' bank accounts over several years.

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Ends Facebook Probe

Facebook has resolved privacy issues raised in a 2008 complaint, the Canadian privacy commissioner says.

FTC Settles Antitrust Complaint Against Intel

Intel settles an antitrust agreement with the U.S. FTC.