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The FBI should try to unlock a shooter's iPhone without Apple's help, a lawmaker says

It may be possible for investigators to make multiple copies of the hard drive on an iPhone used by the San Bernardino mass shooter.

Apple motion to vacate

Apple vs. the FBI: The legal arguments in a nutshell

Apple has raised some interesting, and potentially winning, legal arguments in its request to overturn a judge’s order requiring the company to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of a mass shooter.

FBI director: Apple encryption ruling could lead to more unlocking requests

If a U.S. court grants the FBI's request for Apple to help it unlock a terrorism suspect's iPhone, the case will likely open the door to many similar law enforcement requests, the agency's director said Thursday.

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Lawmakers push for encryption commission to find compromise

Congress should allow an expert commission to recommend ways to resolve a contentious debate over police access to encrypted communications before passing "knee-jerk" legislation, one lawmaker says.

BlackBerry Priv keyboard

BlackBerry eyes IoT, diversifies with new cybersecurity practice

Struggling smartphone vendor BlackBerry is looking to diversify its business by launching a cybersecurity consulting service, focusing in part on the Internet of Things, and providing related tools to customers.

asus router

Asus agrees to 20 years of audits to settle "pervasive" router insecurity charges

Asus has agreed to settle a U.S. Federal Trade Commission complaint that the company failed to take reasonable steps to secure the software on its routers, the agency said Tuesday.


People are buying millions and millions of wearables

The worldwide market for wearable computing devices saw a huge expansion in the last quarter of 2015, led by Fitbit and Apple, and shows no signs of slowing down soon.

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Cook hints at Apple car, stops short of confirming

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't exactly confirm that his company is working on an automobile, but he doesn't deny it, either, in an interview with Fortune.

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Apple's fight with the FBI could trigger a password arms race

A U.S. magistrate's order requiring Apple to assist the FBI in unlocking a dead mass shooter's iPhone could lead device makers to require stronger passwords in the future.

01 healthcare

IBM gets 215 million patient profiles in $2.6 billion analytics firm buy

IBM's Watson Health plans to buy Truven Health Analytics fits strategy of improving healthcare quality while controlling costs

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Apple's fight with the FBI could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court

Apple has several avenues for appealing a magistrate judge's order that it help the FBI unlock an iPhone owned by terrorist shooter.

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IBM goes all in on blockchain, offers cloud-based service

IBM offers a cloud-based service to help businesses set up blockchain networks and test and deploy apps.

US Capitol

Senate passes permanent ban on Internet access taxes

The U.S. Senate votes to make a temporary Internet tax ban permanent.

data privacy

Microsoft headed to court to protect Irish data from US DOJ search

During an appeals court hearing Wednesday, Microsoft will argue against the U.S. Department of Justice efforts to search emails stored in a company facility in Ireland.

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CISA likely coming back to Senate, amid doubts about effectiveness

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, controversial cyberthreat information-sharing bill, is likely to get a push for Senate passage this fall, amid doubts that it would have prevented recent major breaches.