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Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

Microsoft to open five more retail stores by summer

Microsoft will open five new retail stores by summer, including one it's transmuting from a "pop-up" outlet created last year to drive holiday sales.

Microsoft Office subscription plan sparks questions, and here are answers

Subscribe to software? Why would I do that? Microsoft's sweetened the deal with more rights and some extra benefits.

Big Windows 8 discount ends today

It's the last day you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99.

Pay-as-you-go Office 365 cripples apps if subscription expires

Microsoft's new pay-as-you-go Office 365 subscription plans differ from traditional buy-once software in one important aspect: When customers stop paying, the applications stop working.

Mozilla plans to automatically block nearly all Firefox plug-ins

The latest version of Adobe's Flash Player is the only plug-in that will be spared

Google offers $3.14M in potential prizes at annual Pwnium hacking contest

Google Monday announced it would again host its Pwnium hacking contest at a March security conference, but boosted the maximum amount it will pay to $3.14 million and changed the target to the browser-based Chrome OS.

Bug makes Java's latest anti-exploit defenses moot, claims researcher

Java's new security settings, designed to block "drive-by" browser attacks, can be bypassed by hackers, a researcher announced Sunday.

Microsoft can 'start printing money' once it launches Office for iOS

Microsoft will reap a windfall as soon as it introduces its Office suite for iOS and Android, but that window of opportunity is closing, says an analyst.

Experts prod Oracle to fix broken Java security

Beset by some very public vulnerabilities in Java, and apparently unable to properly patch those bugs, Oracle must dramatically step up its security game, experts said.

Report: IE10 for Windows 7 nears final release

Microsoft is close to wrapping up work on Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on Windows 7, according to a report Friday.

Pwn2Own hacking contest puts record $560K on the line

HP TippingPoint, the long-time organizer of the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, has revamped the challenge for the second year running and will offer cash awards exceeding half a million dollars, more than five times the amount paid out last year.

Who can buy Office 2013 for $9.95?

Through Microsoft's Home Use Program, workers at certain organizations can get the new suite at a steep discount.

Microsoft teases Surface Pro as 90-day deadline nears

Microsoft teased the Surface Pro Wednesday, hinting that the company will soon announce an on-sale date for its second tablet.


Google revs up Chrome, crushes bugs

Google on Thursday upgraded Chrome, improving the browser's start-up performance and patching two dozen security vulnerabilities.

PC prices must rise, not fall, to solve Windows 8's lousy start, analyst argues

The holiday slump in PC sales -- down 11% compared to 2011 -- means that PC makers must raise prices, not continue a race to the bottom, an analyst argued today.