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Twitter kills TweetDeck for Windows after updating Windows 10 Twitter app

Twitter today said it would halt updates to the Windows version of TweetDeck in four weeks.

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Microsoft's Edge and IE browsers are being abandoned by users, to Google's benefit

Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer browsers are losing user share at such a rate that Microsoft could fall behind Google in the browser market as early as May.

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It's official: Older versions of Internet Explorer are now at risk

Microsoft this week made good on a 2014 promise and withheld security updates from users of older versions of Internet Explorer.

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Mozilla moves Firefox to a more flexible release schedule

Mozilla is changing Firefox's rigid every-six-week release cadence to a looser schedule that resembles what Google has used for Chrome since 2008.

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Windows 10 usage skyrocketed in January

Windows 10's user share jumped in January by its second-largest one-month increase since its launch, data from analytics vendor Net Applications showed.

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Apple just updated retired OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for the first time since 2013

Apple on Wednesday released an update for OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard, an edition it last patched in September 2013.


Firefox 44 follows Chrome with browser push notifications

Mozilla today released Firefox 44, adding push notifications to the browser.

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Former Mozilla CEO reveals Brave, a browser that speeds up the Web by blocking all ads

Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and for an 11-day stint, its CEO, announced a new browser called "Brave," that blocks outside online ads and ad tracking.

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Windows 10 powered 164 million PCs at the end of 2015

Microsoft's Windows 10 now powers about 164 million PCs, but the pace continues to slow.

Horrendous PC shipment decline in 2015 isn't going to end anytime soon

The PC business can't seem to climb out of the four-year hole it's dug for itself.

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Apple's MacBook Air claims laptop reliability crown

Apple's MacBook Air is the most reliable laptop on the market, according to a survey of nearly 60,000 American consumers conducted recently by Consumer Reports.


Users demand Microsoft give them back their OneDrive unlimited storage

As of early Wednesday, an online petition had collected nearly 2,000 virtual signatures.

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OneDrive users are livid after Microsoft reneges on unlimited storage

Users of Microsoft's OneDrive online storage service on Tuesday railed against the company's decision to ditch its unlimited allowance, calling it a betrayal.

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Microsoft: here's the new reality of Windows patches

Do you like cumulative updates? You'd better. Windows 10 users shouldn't expect Microsoft to bend on the just-take-it policy the company has adopted for the new OS.

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Microsoft's 'More Personal Computing' is the next major hardware company

Microsoft has created a $43 billion business, a potential Apple-and-OEM-esque company-within-a-company, that could be used to take up the slack if its partners falter.