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Kids are taking over as the family CTO, survey reveals

Forget "hand-me downs;" some parents are coming to grips with the notion of "hand-me ups" as younger members of the family provide tech support.

Smartphone shipments hit 671 million in 2012

Shipments exceeded 200 million globally in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to mobile analyst firm Juniper Research


Web shopping accelerates as holidays draw closer

Online shopping sales are expected to surge in the coming days in the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day, according to e-Commerce website development company, eCommerce Websites.

New Nexus Devices Don't Fix Android, Analyst Says

Version fragmentation, shipment delays, and high prices still plague Google's product progress.

Mobile Data Demands Expected to Skyrocket

Mobile data consumption is projected to increase 10 times its current volume within five years, researchers say, but this isn't necessarily a boon for carriers.