A victim of the Nigerian phishing scam tells her tale

Feelings of shame and despair at being conned out of $300,000 by a convincing Nigerian based email scam led Queensland interior decorator Jill Ambrose to attempt suicide twice.


Cyberattack threatens most businesses, Deloitte survey says

Many enterprises around the world think they are prepared for cyber attacks but the reality is that any organization is at risk of a security breach, consulting firm Deloitte has warned.

Cloud computing ecosystem will arrive in 2013, analysts say

The global cloud computing market will continue to grow in 2013 with advances in public, private, and hybrid cloud models, according to analyst firm Ovum.

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Qantas warns of email scam aimed at holiday travelers

A Qantas email scam, which contains malware, shows that humans are still the €œmost vulnerable vector for cyber criminals to target, according to a security analyst.

Scams and data leaks are top security threats, Gartner says

The technique of using deception and manipulation to gain sufficient knowledge to dupe an unwary individual, employee or company into revealing personal information has the potential to be one of the biggest security threats in 2013 according to a security expert.

Future Olympics May Feature Holograms

Holograms of events could be projected from one stadium to another at the 2024 Olympic Games, a report suggests.

Apple Quietly Pulls Claims of Virus Immunity

In the wake of the Flashback malware infestation, Apple has removed a statement from its website that claims its Mac OS X isn't susceptible to viruses.

Flashback Malware was Wake-Up Call for Apple

A security firm says Apple's lack of support for older Macintosh operating systems leaves Mac users vulnerable to cyber security attacks such as the recent Flashback.