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Is Kodak Smartly Exiting a Dying Business?

There’s plenty of evidence that camera phones are cutting into the sales and usage of basic, consumer-oriented digital cameras–the very kind that Kodak has focused on for many years.

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Foodspotting Expands its Menu

Analysis: After collecting food shots for awhile, the mobile app is revamped to let you browse popular dishes at nearby restaurants, or pull up a “picture menu.”

The Curse of 'Don’t Be Evil'

Google is definitely evil! Or is it? The critics weigh in.

The Hazy Future of Phones

Making very specific market-share forecasts for 2015 and discussing them as if they were factual is goofy at best and disingenuous at worst.

My First Few Questions About Apple's Education News

A new textbook-friendly version of iBooks, a free book-creation tool called iBooks Author, and a spiffier version of the iTunes U courseware app–has as much or more potential to make its mark on the world as any new iPad or iPhone could.

The Times of Kodak's Life

For those feeling wistful about Kodak's bankruptcy, here's a few vintage commercials from the company.

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2011 in Review: The 52 Lamest Moments in Tech

If you like botched products, corporate mishaps, and just plain weirdness, you had a fabulous 2011.

A Brief History of Microsoft Vegas Keynotes (Now That They're Going Away)

A look back at Microsoft and CES and the hits, flops, and head-scratchers including: Tablet PC, Windows Smart Displays, the Smart Watch, and the amazingly short-lived Urge music service.

Gates Should Stay out of Microsoft

Analysis: Don’t pine for Bill Gates, Microsoft fans; the world needs his attention more right now.

Zite's Personalized Magazine App Comes to the iPhone

Zite is fundamentally different from Flipboard in that it uses your activity on Facebook or Twitter to help it begin to figure out what topics you’re interested in.

Twitter's Refresh Needs Work

Analysis: It's hard to assess, because Twitter still has a few glitches in its facelift.