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SlideShare Adds Web Conferencing Service

Zipcast is a simple Web conferencing service that aims to avoid the complexity and high pricetags of established conferencing services.

Sonos for Android is on Its Way

Android phone owners will be able to choose local and Internet-based music and route it to one or more Sonos boxes in their home.

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HP TouchSmarts: A New Slant on Computing

The desktops' stands can now fold backwards, letting you use the display in traditional upright orientation or push it down to a sixty-degree angle for easier pointing.

Will Apple Close the e-Book on Kindle?

Analysis: Apple is modifying its licensing policy, raising doubts that e-books bought elsewhere will be readable on Apple devices.

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Verizon iPhone: The Reviews are Already In

Analysis: The reviewers have similar likes and dislikes about the long-awaited Verizon iPhone, hitting stores next week.

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Google vs. Bing: The Squabble Continues

Analysis: Bickering search engine leaders should stop sniping and either talk civilly or drop the subject.

Live Blog: Google Honeycomb Press Event

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken is at Google's headquarters with live coverage of a first ever in-depth look at the Android 3.0 tablet OS.

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Pixelmator's Million-Dollar Mac App Store Results

This image editor grossed a million dollars in sales in just 20 days.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Market-Share Statistics

Analysis: Everybody loves to track the numbers, but a lot of good data gets mangled and bad data gets used. Here's how to scrutinize statistics with skepticism.

Netbooks Not Dead Yet

Analysis: Put away that shovel; A false report about one vendor burying its netbook products doesn't mean death for the device.

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Google Responds to Gripes About its Search Results

Analysis: Is the quality of Google's search results deteriorating?

HTML5 Logo is Here

The World Wide Web Consortium has created a logo for HTML5

Live Update: Verizon Wireless event

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken is in New York as Verizon is expected to unveil wireless plans compatible with Apple’s iPhone. Harry's updates will appear live on PCWorld as the event unfolds.

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IoSafe’s Drives: The Torture Tests Continue

Analysis: The maker of rugged hard drives consistently comes up with creative ways to demonstrate the durability of its wares.

Xpand's New 3D Glasses: Universal and Tweakable

These glasses are available in multiple sizes, and work with an app available for iPhone and Android that lets you tweak their performance for factors such as whether you're wearing prescription glasses or the lighting environment.

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