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Toshiba’s Glasses-Free 3D

Wearing 3D glasses can be a pain, especially if you already wear glasses, so a TV without glasses can be a real advantage to some.

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HP WebOS Tablet: Think February, Not January

It looks like we won't be seeing HP's WebOS tablet at CES.

Iomega Does iPhone Backup, Boxee, and the 'Personal Cloud'

Iomega introduces a unique iPhone/iPod dock that backs up your contacts and photos as you get a charge.

Best Buy’s Buy Back Bonanza

Best Buy is reportedly prepping the launch of a program called Buy Back that lets you pay an upfront fee for the ability to return a product 6 months later for up to half the purchase price.

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CES 2011: Lenovo Readies ThinkPads

New ThinkPad Edge models support rapid boot-up technology, videoconferencing, and "crossover" home entertainment.

E-Readers Sell Big . . . Maybe

Analysis: All e-reader manufacturers claim success -- but are evasive about the specifics.

Video Calling Hits Skype for iPhone

The iPhone version of Skype we wanted all along is finally here: one that does video calls.

This Dumb Year: The 57 Lamest Tech Moments of 2010

For high-profile flops, strange decisions, pointless lawsuits, and general weirdness, it's been a very good year.

Kindle Publications Move Beyond the Kindle

Analysis: Amazon has updated its Kindle app for Android to version 2.0, which lets you buy magazines and newspapers in both single-copy and subscription form.

Goodbye, AltaVista. I Loved You Once, But I’m Happy to See You Die

AltaVista was the first great search engine. Probably still the second greatest one ever, after you know who. Now it's on the chopping block to be shuttered.

Apple’s Mac Store is a Go. And the Mac is a PC

Apple has announced that its Mac App Store will open for business on January 6th.

Flipboard: A Great iPad App Gets Even Better

The app now supports Google Reader, making it possible to read RSS feeds within the slick, browsable Flipboard interface.

Ballmer at CES: Windows Slates, Windows 8?

If Microsoft figures out a way to make Windows make sense on tablets, then I'll be impressed. After all, it's been trying to do so for a decade and has made pretty much zero progress.

Google's CR-48 Chrome Notebook: First Thoughts

Google's CR-48 notebook running the Chrome OS may be intended for testing purposes only, but we'll put it through a typical day's work.

The Tech That Got People Talking on Twitter

Topsy is a search engine whose results are determined by what people are talking about/linking to on Twitter