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Chrome OS and Android: Questions, Questions, Questions

All of your Chrome OS/Cr-48/Android questions answered...

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Google Readies E-Books

The search giant forgoes the hardware wars to focus on selling digital books that will be widely available on existing hardware.

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Anyone Still Want to Contend That the iPad Isn’t a Creative Tool?

While it's true that the iPad can't replace a Mac or Windows PC for every creative task, the evidence is piling up mighty fast that it is an exciting creative tool.

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A Guided Tour of Computing History

Steve Wozniak shows us around the Computer History Museum's first truly full-blown permanent exhibit: "Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing"

Chrome Ascends in Browser Wars

Analysis: Google's browser is a major hit, especially among people who take their Web browsers really seriously.

Verizon's 4G Network: The Details

Verizon has officially announced roll-out plans for its 4G LTE wireless data network.

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The 15 Greatest Computer Books of All Time

Here are 15 major works of computing literature, from history to how-to, that were enormously successful and deserve to be celebrated.

New Google Earth: Better Street View and More

Version 6 of Google Earth features better street view, trees, and older satellite imagery.

The Curse of Beta Hardware

Analysis: The Internet has changed the role of betas, making it easy and cheap to distribute not-ready-for-prime-time products. Is this really a good thing?

Nookcolor: Finally, an E-Reader in Living Color

The Nookcolor isn't a Kindle killer, but it does have a lot of features, and some glitches.

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Windows' Rivals: The Ones That Didn’t Make It

A quarter-century ago, a new package called Windows faced some pretty daunting competition.

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HP Slate 500: Interesting, After All?

At first, HP's Windows 7 slate was going to be a big deal. Then HP stopped talking about it and I declared it dead. Then it came back, but in a form that left me wondering if it was cursed. What a saga!

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Microsoft Kin Resurfaces

They’re baaaaaaaaaack! Microsoft's beleaguered Kin phones are spotted for sale with slightly new names.

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Google Apps Users Get Full Google Citizenship

Sign up for Google Apps, and you can use your account to access more than sixty services.