Harry McCrackenTechnologizer

Why Google's Knol Failed: A Dire Lack of Peter Arno

Analysis: Whenever I checked Knol, the items on the home page were mostly a bit odd, a bit spammy, or both.

Microsoft Surface: Why it Didn't Change Everything

Analysis: Surface was and is neat, but Microsoft didn’t seem to be dreaming about it big enough for it to become a breakthrough product.

Inside Facebook's Amazing Oregon Data Center

Analysis: The 333,400-square foot facility has tens of thousands of servers but it takes only 55 people to run it.

Virgin America's Website Meltdown: Four Weeks and Counting

Virgin's site has been completely crippled, and customers are becoming annoyed by the problems.

Samsung Taunts Apple on the Phone Front

Behold Samsung’s new commercial for its Galaxy S II smartphone.

Android Fragmentation Equals Android Insecurity

Older model Android phones top a list of the most insecure smartphones on the market today proving fragmentation of the Android OS is a problem for yet another reason.

Wanted: A Kindle Fire Phone

Analysis: Why has no one built the iPhone of Android phones -- Something elegant, approachable, and uncluttered, with carefully bundled services?

Mobile Flash: Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Adobe and hardware makers kept telling the world that mobile Flash was fabulous, but my own eyeballs told me otherwise.

Republic Wireless, You Have a Strange Definition of 'Unlimited'

Republic's unlimited voice, data, and texting plan for $19 a month includes several catches.

HP 3D: Passive vs. Active

HP announced a 3D PC display and a 3D PC Monday -- one has active, and one has passive 3D.

GarageBand Comes to the iPhone

GarageBand is a nicely shrunken-down version of its iPad self, with virtual pianos, organs, drums, guitars, and the ability to record and play with samples and plug in a guitar.

Dropbox Gets More Businesslike

The online storage service expands from consumer to offer business accounts, the first of several business-related tools.

Why Would Anyone Use Windows XP Today?

Why are so many people still using an outdated operating system?

The Life and Times of Windows XP

The first drama-filled decade of the operating system that wouldn't say die.