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Google TV: The Critics are Being...Critical

The WSJ and the New York Times are not impressed with Google TV.

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Splashtop Brings its Windows Remote Control to the iPhone

The app, which works over a Wi-Fi connection, lets you maneuver around your Windows machine, launching and running apps and doing stuff you can’t do on an iPhone.

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TiVo’s New Pricing: Cheaper and Pricier – and Definitely More Confusing

TiVo is responding to competition from Apple TV, Roku and others with a holiday offer that brings the price of a TiVo box from $299.99 down to $99.99, except the offer isn't as simple as that.

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eBay Does Boxes

The auction company's green experiment with reusable packaging is a step in the right direction.

Apples are Pricey All Right: $160,000 for an Apple-1

Christie's is auctioning a vintage desktop, which originally sold for $666.66.

SugarSync Bumps Up Its Free Storage

The online storage company has increased its free accounts to 5GB of space.

Steve Ballmer is Right!

The smartphone is like the PC was in the 1980s and early 1990s–a gadget that’s on its way to near-universal adoption, but which isn’t there yet.

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Oakley's New Gascans: 3D That Might Actually Be Good

Sports eyewear maker Oakley is jumping into the 3D race.

Death by Fabulously Successful iOS Launch

Skyfire, Line2, Flipboard and other interesting apps for the iPhone and iPad keep appearing, getting attention, and then being literally overwhelmed by consumer response.

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Skyfire Brings (Some) Flash Video to iPhone

Analysis: The Skyfire mobile browser can play some Flash-based video that's not otherwise available on iOS devices.

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A Second Display for Your Android Phone

Android screen too big? Control your phone from this mini second screen.

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Jawbone Jambox: Little Bluetooth Box, Big Sound

Aliph announces first non-headset product: bluetooth stereo/speakerphone.

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The Facebook Phone is...Every Phone

There's no Facebook phone, because Facebook wants to take over all phones.

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The End of In-Flight Wi-Fi? Oh, Come On

Wi-Fi "may" be banned as a result of last week's laser-printer cartridge bomb discovery? Yeah, right.

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Silverlight: The Cup is Three-Quarters Full

Muglia is more upbeat about Silverlight--perhaps it's not going away anytime soon.