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Living With Apple's 11.6" MacBook Air

The Air is the closest thing to a netbook that Apple has ever released, but it doesn't reflect any backpedaling on any of the netbook-bashing that the company has indulged in.

Blekko, an Interesting First Draft of a New Way to Search the Web

New search engine opens to public in beta stage.

Resolved: We Need More Realistic Notebook Battery-Life Claims

I’ve been using the 11.6″ MacBook Air over the past week and a half, and judging from my experience, Apple’s estimate of five hours is indeed realistic

Is Microsoft Turning Off the Silverlight?

Like Adobe, Microsoft may be turning to HTML5

Office for the Mac: The Same, Only Different

New Office for Mac is similar to Office for Windows...but different.

A Wire-Free Way to Dock Your Notebook

Altona's KVM switch lets you connect to your notebook via UWB and provides a USB adapter for your PC.

The Nook Goes Color

New Nook has color touch screen.

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Mac Without Flash, A Hopeless Story?

Analysis: The Apple-Adobe battle may be a case of birthright or curse, or something else entirely.

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Needed: A 'Zune Touch'

Is there still life in Zune hardware line beyond the Zune HD?

Starting Over: The Windows Phone 7 Review

Microsoft's all-new mobile OS is far from perfect, but it's smart, fresh, and engaging, and that's a great start.

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Palm’s Pre 2 Looks Nice, But WebOS Needs More

HP's challenge is building phones that large numbers of people want to buy, but I wonder if the market hasn't already voted decisively against the Pre's smalllish case and slide-out keyboard design.

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Is the New MacBook Air the First Apple Netbook?

If the rumors are true, Apple will soon announce a new version of its MacBook Air notebook with an 11.6-inch display and a pricetag meaningfully lower than the current Air.

Lexmark’s Genesis: A Photo Booth for Documents

Analysis: The tall design occupies a smaller footprint -- and a unique scanner style.

Apple and Verizon Unite for iPad — Will iPhone Follow?

Starting on October 28th, Verizon Wireless will be selling Apple’s iPad in its stores. What's next?

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Bing Gets Facebook-ized

Bing's relationship with Facebook is intriguing in part because it's leveraging all those Like-button clicks which, until now, have had an impact only on the sites with the buttons and on Facebook itself.