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Leave Facebook, Leave Your Friends Miserable

After clicking the service's Deactivate Account link, I was bombarded by a last-ditch effort by Facebook to talk me out of saying goodbye, even temporarily.

Windows Phone 7 Handsets: Initial Questions and Answers

Even though there wasn't a lot of brand-new news - Microsoft started showing off the OS months ago, and some of the hardware news had leaked - there was still lots to chew on.

Google's Self-Driving Cars: A Ride Down Memory Lane

Google isn't the first to dream of self-piloted cars. Early seeds of the idea date back to 1933.

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Logitech Revue: A Swiss-Army Approach to Internet TV

Analysis: Logitech is releasing a Swiss Army Knife of a product into a market otherwise mostly populated by less versatile kitchen knives.

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Facebook’s Promising, Infuriating New Groups Feature

Despite Facebook's glowing promise of "more control," the new Groups feature fails to do exactly that.

Yahoo’s 'Accordion' Interface: A Closer Look

Yahoo has rolled out some search improvements, including an “Accordion” box at the top of some search results. Not bad!

Energizer’s Inductive Charger: Qi Makes Its Debut

The device lets you charge phones by plopping them on a mat rather than plugging in a cable -- and it's an improvement over other inductive set-ups like the Powermat.

Is FLO TV Dead? Are Standalone Mobile Gadgets Dead, Period?

Could the apparent demise of Qualcomm's FLO TV service suggest standalone mobile gadgets are endangered species.

Google TV: More Details Emerge

Google is announcing a passel of partnerships for its Google TV service with outfits involved in video, music, and other more: CNBC, HBO, Turner, the NBA, Pandora, Napster, Twitter, and more.

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Touch-Screen iMacs: A Few Questions

Analysis: Apple may be testing touch input again; here's what we'd like to know.

Are There Enough Spaces Users to Care When it Closes?

Analysis: Fast and loose figures are causing some confusion over the number of users affected by Microsoft's decision to shutter Spaces.

Great, Now Microsoft is Suing Motorola

Microsoft has announced that it's suing Motorola for making Android phones that violate Microsoft patents

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The Flintstones: Fifty Years of Irresponsible Driving

Google's Flintsones tribute earlier this week has sparked a concern for Bedrock's enforcement of vehicular child safety laws.

Would You Pay $30 For an At-Home, One-Time Movie?

Hollywood studios are considering an offering that would let you rent movies just as they leave theaters for $30 a pop.

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Does Microsoft Have Its Mojo Back? Can It Keep It?

Some argue Microsoft is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the success of Windows 7, Internet Explorer, and Office Web Apps. Could it be?