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The Case for Screwing Up Netflix

Netflix founder and first CEO has chimed in on this whole Qwikster mess.

Qwikster: Not to be Confused With Quixtar, QuickStar, Kwikster, Quickster, Kwik Star, Quik-Star, or Kickstar

A guide for those confused by the name of Netflix's new DVD-only spin-off business.

Google Apps Boast Offline Access

Google isn't releasing full-blown offline versions of its apps. It has released a Chrome Web App for offline Gmail that also adds some offline features to Calendar and Docs.

10 of the Shortest-Lived Tech Products

Analysis: These gadgets and services were gone fast, in existences that were nasty and brutish.

How Would the World be without the IBM PC?

Analysis: Nine questions about an alternate reality in which Big Blue steered clear of little computers.

Toshiba's No-Glasses 3D Laptop About to Hit Stores

Toshiba's Qosmio can play 3D Blu-rays and convert standard movies into a fake 3D effect, but it seems unlikely that there are teeming masses of people lining up for this technology.

A Harvard Professor Puts Smartphone Usability to the Test

Analysis: Which phones are the easiest to use?

Tech: Better than Sex?

According to tech companies, people prefer their gadgets to intimacy. But that's been claimed about a lot of things through the years.

Google Shows How Not to Complain About the Patent Mess

Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond blogged about the patents arms race in which tech companies build gigantic portfolios of pricey patents, then use them to launch lawsuits, extract licenses, or defend themselves.

Apple's iCloud Pricing vs. the Competition

Is Apple's iCloud pricing worth it? You decide.

Android for Your Wrist: WIMM Unveils Wearable Computing Modules

WIMM is trying to revive the concept of creating a computing device strapped to your wrist. It's way too early to declare it a success, but the demo is intriguing.

Iomega's New Hard Drive Favors iPad-Owning Mac Users

Iomega's Mac Companion Hard Drive is a standard desktop model USB hard disk that's designed to charge an iPad.

GoToMeeting Gets Videoconferencing

HDFaces will be included at no extra charge as part of a standard GoToMeeting account, which costs $49 a month or $468 a year for unlimited meetings.

Adobe Systems

Adobe's Edge Prepares for an HTML 5 Future

Analysis: The multimedia tool acknowledges -- and prepares Adobe's path in -- a world beyond Flash.

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A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things

Barnes & Noble talks likely to lead to latest in long line of bold Apple non-mergers and un-acquisitions!