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Microsoft's SkyDrive Gets a Partial Makeover

Microsoft's online system has been around for nearly four years and it hasn't changed much. It's best known as the storage system that's hooked into other Microsoft products.

Copious Aims to Help Real People Buy From Real People

Get to know your online seller.

Blu-Ray Still Struggling

Analysis: Is a 15 percent penetration good, bad, or indifferent?

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Windows 8: It's the Applications, Stupid!

Analysis: Nobody runs an operating system just to run an operating system -- they run them to get stuff done, and they get most of that stuff done in applications.

WebOS: Coming to a Non-HP Device Near You?

HP isn't interested in licensing WebOS...but may work with "one or two special companies."

How America Clicked with the TV Remote

The TV remote matters -- so let's pause to remember some of the most significant models to appear since 1950, plus a not-so-significant curiosity or two.

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Opera 11.50 Beta's Speed Dial Gets Widgety

Speed Dial can now include widgety little applications, such as the weather one in the lower left-hand corner of the screen above.

New Yahoo Mail Offers a Refreshing Alternative to Gmail

Yahoo's new version is a very credible Webmail client-similar in general feel and some particulars to Hotmail's 2010 update.

Slacker Gets On-Demand Music (and a Neat iPad App)

Slacker retains the emphasis on radio while providing features comparable to the core ones offered by other subscription services.

Google I/O Day 2: Live Keynote Coverage

Join us at 9:30 a.m. PT to follow Technologizer's Harry McCracken for live coverage of Google I/O's day 2 keynote

Live Blog: Google I/O Keynote

Technologizer's Harry McCracken is at Google I/O with live coverage of the show's opening keynote.