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Saying 'Apple Won't' is Always Dangerous

Analysis: Apple will never make a TV? Here are a few other things pundits were sure Apple would never do.

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Adobe Teaches Photoshop to Talk Tablets

Adobe is rolling out new technology that involves both Photoshop and the iPad.

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The Future of Tablets: Also Unknowable

The fact of the matter is that we just don't know what will happen in the tablet market, so predicting how it will look in four years is speculative, not scientific.

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Eye-Fi Rolls Out Direct Mode and a New Card

Direct Mode lets you transfer photos from a camera with an Eye-Fi card directly and wirelessly to an iPhone or an Android phone or tablet.

Remembering the Apple I

It wasn't Apple's greatest computer, or the most interesting one. But it was the one that started it all -- 35 years ago this month.

No More Microsoft Stores, Thanks

5 reasons why Microsoft shouldn't copy Apple's retail model with (more of) its own brick-and-mortar outlets.

Firefox 4 for Android: Desktop-Like Browsing for Your Phone

Formerly known as Fennec, Firefox 4 for Android devices is among the most feature-rich mobile browsers to date.

Hotmail's Active Views Get More Active

Web companies can now produce e-mails that behave like webpages. The idea is to let Hotmail users take action on e-mails without having to hop out of Hotmail at all.

Samsung's Fake Real People vs. Microsoft's Real Fake People

Analysis: Another favorite example of you-can't-be-serious tech marketing.

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Samsung's Fake Galaxy Tab Interviews: Hey, Those Words Sound Familiar!

Did Samsung claim actors were real Galaxy Tab users in promotional material? It sure looks like it did.

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Is Samsung's Galaxy Tab Fibbing About Its Figure? And About Those Galaxy Tab Fans...

There's something fishy about the Galaxy Tab...

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Color App Breaks New Photo- and Video-Sharing Ground

The app, available for iPhone and Android devices, shares photos and videos with those around you automatically and instantly.

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Samsung's New Galaxy Tabs: iPad 2 Competition

Samsung has announced two new Galaxy Tabs -- both of which will feature prices similar to Apple's iPad 2.

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The Rise and Fall of Telephone Competition: 1982-2011

A brief history of the rise and fall of telephone competition in the US, 1982-2011

Can the New York Times Paywall Work?

Analysis: The permeable paywall returns March 28 for the most voracious readers.