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Netflix Watch Instantly: A Sea Change for TV

Analysis: Will NetFlix’s House of Cards exclusive be the show heard round the world?

Xoom Gets Flash -- But Don't Get Too Excited

Analysis: The First Law of Mobile Flash -- the version you want is always not quite here yet -- still holds.

The Cost of Chrome OS: $250 or Less?

When I wrote about Google's experimental CR-48 Chrome OS notebook last December, I guessed that it might cost about $449 if it were a commercial product. That seemed high for a device that was entirely dedicated to accessing the Web (and nearly useless when you couldn't get online).

Zune Hardware is Dead; What about the Name Zune?

Analysis: It's not news (if still not official) that Microsoft has lost interest in this product line -- but the company isn't abandoning the market.

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A Sharing Site Called Circles? Hey, Google, It’s Been Done

Buzz at the South by Southwest conference about Google Circles, a share site for users' photos, videos and updates, reminds old-timers that the name has been used before. And: Google denies it's working on Circles.


Twitter to Third-Party Clients: Drop Dead

Analysis: Twitter is clamping down on developers in the name of "consistency and privacy," but what's really going on?

HP and Computer Makers, Two Operating Systems Aren't Better Than One

But the operating system sits at the heart of any hardware platform. Providing two them will surely result in an experience that's ungainly.

Google Shows Spirit with Cartoon Tribute

Analysis: Today's Google logo features Will Eisner's Spirit, the most notable work of one of the greatest comic artists ever, and is inspired by his famous splash pages.

Windows Tablets Delay: Disaster or Shrewd Move?

No Windows Tablets Until Late 2012? That Could be Disastrous. Or a Pretty Good Idea.

Microsoft Tries Its Darndest to Bid IE6 Adieu

Analysis: Microsoft is trying to get rid of IE6, once and for all.


Google Makes it Easier to Get Cooking

Analysis: Combining search tools with recipes could serve up some tasty results.

HP’s New Notebooks: Businesslike, But Likeable

The laptops' feature sets and emphasis on substance over style give them plenty of appeal for a certain discerning type of consumer.

Mobile Flash: Always Exciting, Always Not Quite Here Yet

Mobile Flash is still a work in progress.

Google Books Posts Spy Magazine

Wanted: Google Magazines for easier search and browsing of archived publications.

Twitter Blocks UberTwitter and Twitdroyd

Twitter blocked two apps on Friday for violating rules.