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Astro A50

Astro A50: Still king of wireless headsets, still expensive

The Astro A50 packs phenomenal sound and wireless convenience, if you're willing to throw down $300.

Siberia Elite Prism

Siberia Elite Prism review: Clearer outgoing audio, quieter incoming audio

The good? A new microphone. The neutral? A looser fit than last year. The bad? An utter lack of volume.

Mionix Nash 20

Mionix Nash 20 review: Minimal design, maximal sound

The Mionix Nash 20 is a bit heavy and oversized, but in return you get an excellent sense of presence.

Corsair H2100

Corsair H2100 review: Go wireless for cheap

The H2100 is one of the cheapest wireless headsets on the market, which makes up for some other flaws.

Polk 4 Shot

Polk 4 Shot review: If only it were built with the PC in mind

The Polk 4 Shot features audio that lives up to Polk's brand, but it lacks features that are standard in other PC headsets.

Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila preview: Total, brutal, unrelenting war

Spoiler: Attila the Hun is a bad, bad dude, and that whole 'Fall of Rome' thing? Yeah, that was pretty messed up too.

hk wallpaper

PC-exclusive Shadowrun sequel shatters Kickstarter goal in mere hours

The game's called Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and it's coming this summer. Details inside.

Grand Theft Auto V PC

Grand Theft Auto V for PC delayed yet again

You thought GTA V was releasing at the end of this month? Rockstar's here to slap you with cold, hard reality.

dying light 01

Dying Light preview: Zombies are even more stomach-churning in virtual reality

This is a story all about how my vision got flip-turned upside down and I almost threw up on a Dying Light producer. And it was awesome.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

15 years later, a new Baldur's Gate game is finally coming

But it's not a sequel! Beamdog says the new game will take place between Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II.


This week's gaming news: Pac-Man goes life-sized, Far Cry goes to 'Nam, and more

Plus BioShock concept art, Dying Light gets a live-action promo and...Microsoft is bringing back Xbox Live avatars?

Steam Controller - December 2014

Valve to reveal finalized Steam Controller at GDC, says Origin

Also, the Steam Machine name is apparently 'pretty much dead.' Rest in peace.

witcher 3 griffon 100312403 gallery

The Witcher 3's system requirements are steep, but surprisingly reasonable

Take note, console-first companies: Optimization makes everybody happy.


Internet Archive brings over 2000 free classic MS-DOS games to your browser

Yes, it includes Oregon Trail and Incredible Machine and King's Quest and Duke Nukem 3D and all your favorites.

inspiron 15 5000 1

Dell aims for the middle with its new Inspirons and one ultra-wide monitor

These aren't the thinnest or widest or whatever, but they are the solid, mainstream systems that most normal people buy, and they've all been upgraded this year.