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Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight (PC) review: Holy squandered potential, Batman

Batman's technical troubles were just the beginning of Arkham Knight's woes.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Hands-on with Batman: Arkham Knight's re-released, sort-of fixed PC version

Choose your own frame rate! And then watch it plummet when you turn on Gameworks.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange review: Time-traveling teenage-girl-simulator is one of 2015's most poignant games

Who would've guessed a quiet character study on teenagers and small-town life would be so gripping?

Batman: Arkham Knight

Disastrous Batman: Arkham Knight PC port will be fixed, re-released before Halloween

The game will relaunch with a patch that brings the PC version up to content parity with consoles.

fallout 4

This week in games: Ubisoft Club replaces Uplay bits as Best Buy peddles Fallout socks

Plus: Battle.net adds voice chat, a sneak peek at the Doom alpha, and someone mods the original (terrible) voice acting back into Resident Evil. This is gaming news for October 19-23.

halo wars

Halo 5 on PC "not out of the bounds of reason" according to franchise director

Not just "not out of the bounds of reason." 343's Frank O'Connor literally said there's "plenty of chance" it could happen.

Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity hits Steam, letting you benchmark DirectX 12 at home

Upgraded to Windows 10 because of DirectX 12? There's finally a game for you to benchmark your rig.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox One Elite Controller review: I'm finally replacing my wired 360 controller

I don't need a $150 Xbox One controller. You probably don't need one either. But that doesn't change the fact Microsoft has built a gorgeous piece of hardware.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege hands-on: The most interesting next-gen shooter yet flirts with MOBAs

Rainbow Six Siege was originally scheduled to launch last week. Instead we went to Ubisoft's office to play five more hours ahead of release.


Hands-on with Obduction: Myst's spiritual successor straddles the line between familiar and alien

We recently got an exclusive chance to go hands-on with two hours of Obduction, Cyan's spiritual successor to Myst. The good news: It looks a lot prettier than last year.


Publisher problems delay Obduction, Myst's spiritual successor, until 2016

One day a Kickstarter game will come out on time, but it is not this day. After a few months of back-and-forth, Cyan has officially pushed Obduction back to early next year.

Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends review impressions: Dungeons & Dragons & Dungeon Masters

Sword Coast Legends isn't quite the Neverwinter successor I hoped for, but its four-versus-one tabletop gimmick still seems like a lot of fun.

Jeff uh, uh, uh Finds-A-Way Goldblum

This week in games: Call of Duty goes Jeff Goldblum and Rocket League gets DeLoreans

Plus: Fallout 4 gets a live-action trailer, The Witcher 3 sics a tax collector on cheaters, and Overwatch announces a closed beta date. This is gaming news for October 12-16.

Steam Machine Thinkgeek

Steam Machines unleashed: Impressions from one week in a Steam-powered living room

Valve's long-awaited Steam Machine hardware is finally here, and it opens up all sorts of new, living room-based possibilities for PC gaming.

steam controller angledd

Valve wants you to mod the Steam Controller

"What does a mod of the Steam Controller look like? I don't know," said Valve's Robin Walker. "But I think in a year we will know, and it'll be awesome."