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ps4 slim

Sony’s smaller PlayStation 4 Slim launches September 15

The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is smaller, quieter, more efficient—but has the same three-year-old hardware sitting inside.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole's fart-simulating Nosulus Rift almost made me vomit

We had to sign a waiver to try out South Park's Oculus Rift parody, the fart-simulating Nosulus Rift. In retrospect, that moment's when we should've walked away instead.

AMD - PAX 2016

PAX 2016: A PC with a blood bag, $10,000 rigs, and all the craziest PC hardware

Other items inside: A PC that shoots paper planes, a wall made out of keyboards, and an honest-to-goodness Soviet-era T34 tank. OK, we included that last one just for fun.

dukenukem3dworldtour screenshot01

Duke Nukem 3D's 20th Anniversary Edition is the same game you remember, except better

The Duke's 20th Anniversary Edition? Not a remaster. Just a better way to play Duke Nukem 3D.

rock band

Rock Band VR makes you a virtual guitar god, without the virtual drugs

Rock Band VR ditches the trademark note highway so you can feel more like a true guitar god. It makes for a good Oculus Touch demo, but does it have staying power?

dukenukem3dworldtour screenshot02

Duke Nukem 3D's back in a remastered 20th Anniversary Edition with eight new levels

Let's all pretend Duke Nukem Forever never happened, so then maybe we can be excited about this news.

corsair rgb mousepad

Oh great, now Corsair has a $60 light-up mousepad too

I guess we have to take this stupid trend seriously now that Corsair has a $60 RGB-lit mousepad, too.

razer blade 3

Razer replaces Blade and Blade Stealth laptop innards with newer, faster hardware

It's September, and you know what that means! Time for incremental laptop upgrades.

Razer Stargazer

Razer’s Stargazer webcam is finally ready for its close-up

After eight months in hibernation, Razer's Twitch/YouTube-oriented webcam, with Intel RealSense technology, is ready to release. And at a cheaper price than previously announced.

Logitech G213

Logitech’s new Prodigy line aims at gamers on a budget

Logitech's Prodigy line offers a good compromise between your typical high-end gear and a $20 piece of garbage.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test review: A brisk, breezy test of your humanity

Every year there's a game like Portal. This year, it's The Turing Test and its lightweight philosophical pondering.

EVE Online - Clone States

EVE Online's going free to play after 13 subscription-only years of epic space battles

After thirteen years of paid subscriptions, EVE Online will add a new "Alpha Tier" for free-to-play users in an upcoming expansion.

Battlefield 1 beta

Battlefield 1 beta impressions: Riding an armored train through the middle of hell

We spent a few hours with Battlefield 1's beta and managed to shoot down a plane with a cannon. A cannon mounted on the front of a train. You might want to play this.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain review: Another 1980s sword-and-board adapted for the modern era

Another of Steve Jackson's circa-1980 adventure gamebooks gets a hybrid RPG/text adventure adaptation, this time by Tin Man Games—and with an excellent tabletop gaming aesthetic.

Stranger Things - SCUMM

This week in games: Stranger Things becomes an 80s-style SCUMM, Duke Nukem returns from the grave

Plus WB says "Just kidding, we're bringing Mortal Kombat XL to PC," and some new trailers for Cities: Skylines, Yooka-Laylee, and ToeJam and Earl. This is gaming news for August 22 - 26.