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Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review: Going against the flow

To its credit, Hotline Miami 2 isn't just more of the same. But that's also its biggest problem.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This week in games: The Witcher goes iceskating, Uplay is finally useful, and more

Plus a first look a Cliff Bleszinski's new PC-centric first person shooter. (No, it isn't the Unreal Tournament reboot.)


All Titanfall's Season Pass maps are now available for free

Add nine maps to your Titanfall experience for the low, low price of your precious hard drive space.

Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends preview: Putting the DM in CRPG

Sword Coast Legends is probably the best game we saw at GDC, thanks to a fascinating 'DM Mode' built into this isometric CRPG.

Sid Meier's Starships

Sid Meier's Starships review: Beyond earth and beautifully bite-sized

Starships condenses Sid Meier's knack for turn-based strategy into a short, two-to-five hour burst of board game-esque tactics that's as satisfying as it is approachable.


NZXT Doko review: The little streaming box that (barely) could

The NZXT Doko is more expensive than a Chromecast, less expensive than a Steam Machine, and functions as well as neither.

Descent: Underground

Another classic PC game rebooted: Descent sequel appears on Kickstarter

Six degrees of freedom. Six degrees of freedom. Six degrees of freedom. Six fregrees of dreedom. Fix sreedrees of greedom.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

New Nvidia freebie bundles The Witcher 3 with GeForce graphics cards

In the market for an upgrade? Fan of RPGs? Nvidia has a deal for you.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Assassin's Creed: Rogue (PC) impressions: Cap'n, she runs fine

We just got code for Assassin's Creed: Rogue, so no review yet. What we CAN do is let you know what the PC port is like.

Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines review: This is the SimCity you were looking for

Cities: Skylines somehow lives up to the unfair expectations heaped upon it, presenting one of the best city builders in years.

xbox logo

PC gamers won't pay to play Xbox Live games online, and console owners are FURIOUS

Microsoft's Larry Hyrb tweeted the news at us this week, and console owners are getting pretty upset about it.

GDC 2015

GDC 2015: The greatest games, hardware, and more from the most momentous GDC ever

Did you get caught in the GDC news onslaught this week and miss something important? We've rounded up all the biggest announcements.

zotac steam machine

Valve adds new Steam Machine-stuffed hardware section to Steam store

Want to buy a Steam Link? Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer—but there's a new hardware tab in the Steam store.

xbox logo

Windows 10's Xbox App: More about extending a console than embracing PC gaming

Microsoft says Windows 10 embraces PC gaming, but the Xbox app is all about bringing the console to your computer--with one killer exception.

steam link 1

Hands on: Valve's cheap Steam Link and Controller could woo Steam Machine skeptics

For $100, this could be a killer solution for people who don't want to buy a full-blown Steam Machine, but do want a way to bring PC games into the living room.