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Google API Helps Track Laptops

Google Gears Geolocation API adds Wi-Fi to help developers build location-based Web apps.

Microsoft Search Engine Personalizes Results

U Rank lets users edit search results and share changes with their online connections.

Internet, Cell Phones Bring Families Together

Cell phones prompt more conversations, while the Web becomes family gathering place.

YouTube Invites 'Video Your Vote'

The online video site is encouraging voters to video and post their voting experiences.

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Yahoo Aims to Get More Social With Updated Profiles

Yahoo Profiles is a centralized control panel now available in beta.

False Jobs Post Highlights Citizen Journalism Perils

Report on CNN-sponsored site taken seriously because of CNN's reputation, some say.

Blogs Proliferate -- and Profit

More than 37,000 posts occur every hour, says the 2008 "State of the Blogosphere" report.

Twitter Launches Election Site

The microblogging site added an election site in time to capture commentary of the Presidential debates and ongoing news.

Wiki Aims to Stop Voter Suppression

Blogger harnesses Web 2.0 to publicize attempts to block voters from casting ballots.

Facebook's Beacon 'Returns' for Some Bloggers

Despite blogger surprise, the controversial ad service never really went away.

Here Come the Millennials! Are You Ready?

Large companies must bend to calls for new technology to recruit top Gen Y talent.

Amid Market Meltdown, Wall Street Journal Goes Web 2.0

Amid this week's turmoil on Wall Street, the Wall Street Journal launched a redesigned Web site complete with social networking.

Google Defends Search Advertising Deal With Yahoo

Firm's chief economist contends deal will provide better results at auctioned prices.

Obama Campaign Unveils Online Canvassing Tool

Provides list of undecided voters and tools to update progress on campaign Web site.

Google-Yahoo Deal to Be Probed by Former DOJ Lawyer

Litvack to examine evidence and help DOJ decide whether to pursue antitrust challenge.