Howard BaldwinContributing Writer, Computerworld

Silicon Valley native Howard Baldwin has been writing about business and technology since the introduction of OS/2. He has worked on the staff of Corporate Computing, UNIXWorld, and PC/Computing. Besides Computerworld, his work has appeared in Forbes, Stanford, and several inflight magazines.

Public-Sector Cloud Computing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As state and local governments look to the cloud, everyone can learn from agencies' struggles with compliance and ingrained cultures.

HTC One X Hits AT&T Stores on May 6 for $199

The phone runs Android 4.0 and is the first device to offer HTC Sense 4, which AT&T says is designed to improve the user experience.

IKEA Integrates Home Theater System into Uppleva Furniture Line

The Uppleva line will offer choices of HD LED TV sizes ranging from 24 to 46 inches. It will also include Wi-Fi, USB ports and space for game consoles.


'Internet Innocents' Survey: 5 Surprising Results

Delving further into Pew's recent survey on digital differences, I found these interesting tidbits.

Flashback Malware Puts Apple in Security Spotlight: Experts Weigh In

Increased market share coupled with Apple's lack of transparency are largely to blame for an uptick in Mac security problems, say experts.

Facebook Archive Update Expands the Amount of Data Users Can Download and Store

You'll now have the ability to download info on friend requests you've made, previous names you've used, and more.

Verizon Joins Competitors in Charging Upgrade Fees

If a customer leaving a service is bad business, then why are carriers annoying us with new fees?

Google Doodle Celebrates Father of Modern Photography

Eadweard Muybridge's historic experiments with photographing horses formed the foundation for motion pictures, especially animation.

Google's Project Glass Eyewear: Next Big Google Flop or Hit?

Google dazzles our imagination with its augmented reality glasses, but could the Internet behemoth have a diamond or a dud on its hands?

RIM Opens the Gates for the Trojan Horse

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion adds iOS and Android management to BES and makes it easier for customers to switch to mobile devices other than BlackBerry.

How to Tell if You’re Caught in the Giant Global Payments Credit Card Fraud

Here's some advice on how to cope with the possibility that your credit card information may be compromised.

iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement: Some Can Collect $15

iPhone 4 class action settlement site ready to dispense cash to users who experienced antenna issues.

The Race to Make the Web Faster

Both Microsoft and Google plan to put forth proposals at the IETF meeting this week to make the Web faster.