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10 extremely handy features hidden in Google's office apps

Don't overlook these handy, hidden Google Docs and Google Drive features.

Kinect Brings the Magic to Windows PCs

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Kinect for Windows -- a version of the motion-control Xbox peripheral that works out-of-the-box with a PC running Windows 7...

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Windows 8: 5 Things to Love and Hate

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15 Things to Know About "Office 15"

Here's what we know so far--and what the world is guessing--about the next Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, expected to debut later this year.

Seven Office Suites for Android Devices

You can take your work with you, thanks to several office suites which let you view and edit your documents on an Android device.

Fast Firefox Faceoff: Nightly vs. Pale Moon vs. Waterfox

Although computers running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 have become more common, there aren't many Windows-compatible browsers compiled to run on 64-bit...

Root Your Android Phone: Tips and Tricks

Sick of waiting for your wireless carrier to upgrade your Android phone's firmware? Here is how to do it yourself via rooting your phone.